Thursday Randoms

1. I just ate half a watermelon. That’s okay, right?

2. I’ve been in a terrible, terrible mood lately, and I have no idea why. The smallest things not working right cause me to gnash my teeth and mentally throw things (when I say “mentally throw things”, I mean I think about throwing things but I don’t actually do it. I’m not telekinetic). So I’ve been calming myself down with Starbucks. Soothing, soothing Starbucks.


3. Squish has been OBSESSED with his bike. It’s the first thing he wants to do in the morning, and repeatedly throughout the day. We’ve been taking him up to the roof to bike around as long as it’s not too cold. I’ve had to resort to hiding his bike and helmet behind the couch so he won’t see it and trigger a cacophony of “Bike! Bike! Bike!” when he needs to be doing other things, like eating and sleeping.


4. I really want to go to PaleoFX one of these years. Bucket list item!

5. I haven’t made my morning train on time once this week. But I haven’t been letting it stress me out; there’s always another train a few minutes later anyway.

6. Even though I packed a lunch yesterday, I went out to lunch with my coworkers anyway. We went to a Mediterranean place and I had the best lamb shawarma ever. I didn’t think I could eat the whole thing, and the next thing I knew I was staring at an empty food container. No wonder my pants don’t fit.


7. I’ve been having some major writer’s block lately with posts. I have lots of ideas during the day, but when I have the time to actually sit down and write, nothing comes out. What do you do when you feel you have nothing of importance to say?

Seven’s a good number to leave off with, right? Well, I’m leaving it at that. Make it a great day!

One thought on “Thursday Randoms

  1. You’ve officially made me crave watermelon now! Half of one is definitely a good thing 😉

    Squish is so cute with wanting to use his bike. I’m sure its not cute to you all the time.

    I’m lucky where I am there’s multiple different trains I can catch in the mornings so if I miss one the longest wait is usually 2 minutes at most.

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