Treat Yourself Tuesday: Some Fun Stuff

Hello and happy Tuesday! I’m feeling pretty fantastic about this week as it rolls along. I’m headed back to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a quickie business trip. Sad panda. It feels like I just got home from last week! Wait, I did. But duty calls.

Anyway, it’s time to check in with Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine for another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday! Thank you once again to Becky for hosting this week’s linkup, and encouraging all of us crazy kids to take time and give ourselves a treat (or several) each week!


  • I bought some summer sandals! Since I’ve discovered that I have wide feet and actually need my shoes to accommodate ALL of my toes, summer sandal shopping was becoming my least favorite activity. Either the shoes were super cute but too narrow, or they fit but made me look like I was 80 years old. Not sexy. But I picked these Jessica Simpson sandals up at DSW last weekend. I enjoyed them on the roof Sunday while supervising Squish on his scooter bike. Super cute and comfy!


  • Squish and I had a mommy-son date Saturday and stopped at Cako Creamery at the Metreon for an ice cream treat for two very good shoppers. We split a single scoop of the strawberry cheesecake (well, Squish, I, and Squish’s chin/shirt split it), but mysteriously there is no photographic evidence 😉
  • Since I can’t drink, I’ve been looking for creative beverages so I don’t get completely sick of water/sparkling water all the time. I picked up some of these Sanpellegrino sparkling lemon Italian soda thingys at the Italian deli next door, and they are the perfect replacement to the sunny afternoon cocktail on the roof. Yeah they have a bit of sugar in them, but I figure if I was drinking a beer I’d still be consuming carbs anyway. And these are so tart, that I only really want to drink one, as opposed to several beers. They are the perfect sunny afternoon refreshment!


That’s it for now, time to scrub up, pack up, and get the work thing done!

How has your Tuesday been treating you?

Weekend Recap: Sunny Days

It’s another Monday!



We had a super lazy weekend over here. I am trying to remember what we did Saturday. I think it was lay around and watch “Adventure Time”. I’m trying to find shows that I can watch with Squish that are somewhat age appropriate but don’t bore me to tears. I am silently posting a boycott of “Thomas and Friends”, although Squish doesn’t know that yet.

Sunday was super warm and sunny, so we picked up some McDonalds to go and had a picnic on the roof.


Squish didn’t complain. But he didn’t get a toy in his Happy Meal. What is up with that?


Then we did laps.


And got some sun.

And then we napped. That was about it.

I might as well start looking into how I’m doing on my goals this month.

  • No more candy/sweets. Just knock it off. – Well, our neighbor dropped off a box of Turkish Delights yesterday. And Squish and I split an ice cream. So, it hasn’t been 100%. We’ll see how it goes when I get back to the office and am tempted by all the office goodies.
  • Pick a PMP certification training plan and register for the exam – No progress yet. I should probably get on it. But I have 3 weeks to go, right?
  • Work out at least 4 days a week – I worked out Monday, Tuesday, and twice on Thursday, so that’s 4x! Close enough, yay!
  • Drink 4 water bottles a day – I didn’t track over the weekend, but during the weekdays I definitely got my water in.

Well, that’s fun.

All right, time to go throw up a bit (yay, morning sickness!) and head to work. Make it a great day!

Book Review Sunday: “Eat the Yolks”

Good morning!

I’ve been reading up a storm lately, and I thought it would be fun to feature a book review on what I’ve been checking out lately. I tell you, since I found out that you can check out electronic books on a Kindle from the public library, my life has new meaning now. I have a list a mile long of books I’ve been meaning to read for ages. So many, they keep expiring before I have a chance to read them! #nerdproblems

Anyway, today’s book is actually a real book. One I bought with my own money. With pages and everything. I rarely have physical books anymore.



As I may have mentioned before, I am cheap. Which is why I normally read library books. But when I heard on the Balanced Bites podcast a few months ago that Liz Wolfe’s new book Eat the Yolks was available for pre-order on Amazon, I bought it. Yes, me. Why? Because Liz is knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and hilarious and I knew if nothing else it would be a good read. And Liz did not disappoint. I actually read it twice on the plane, I found it so amusing. It would be a great book for someone wanting to know more about the paleo/primal/whole food movement and where all of today’s conventional wisdom comes from in an entertaining and non-threatening format.

It’s not a “diet” book. There’s no meal plans, no yes/no food lists, none of that stuff. It’s pure education. It’s all about what you should know about the food you put on your plate. It goes into the origins and details of the big food industries: oils, grains, and meat. And how they lie to us. They lie to convince us their products are good and healthy, when in fact they’re destructive and make us sick. Liz doesn’t tell you what to eat; she tells you what you need to know so you can make your own educated choices on what to eat.

My only critique is that although the content is backed by science and actual studies, it is not written in a very “science-y” tone. Which is totally fine, it’s truly written in the author’s voice, which is what makes it entertaining. It’s more of a conversational tone, with lots of pop-culture-related analogies. If you’re someone that’s looking for the hard science facts and not being told a story about the science facts, you may leave wanting more. But if you’re a pop culture junkie just looking for a good time and to learn a little something too, then this is a great book to pick up.

You can learn more about Liz, her book, and her e-book The Skintervention Guide here, here and here!

I hope you enjoyed today’s deviation from our usual “here’s what I ate, oh look, a cute baby!” content. At least, it was fun for me.

Week 7: All the Symptoms, All the Tears

It probably was a little early to announce our baby news, but since it’s baby #2 I feel really more relaxed about the whole thing. It’s not my first rodeo, and I’m ready to roll with whatever happens.

So how have the first 7 weeks been treating me?


Belly Pics

I don’t have a baby bump yet. Just a bloat bump. I’ve been so bloat-y! It doesn’t really matter what I eat, it’s just what’s happening right now.


Dairy: lately I have been really craving dairy.  I just plowed down a coconut Chobani that I impulse-purchased at Target. Normally I don’t really do dairy because I don’t think I digest it well and it makes me itchy, which I think is a histamine reaction. But itchiness be damned, I am plowing through all kinds of yogurt, milk-based smoothies, and cheese when I can get it.

Fruit: I craved fresh fruit with Squish, too. No complaints here, especially since Spring is around the corner and berry season is almost upon us!


Beer. It would break my heart if I was allowed to have any. But since I became pregnant I really haven’t been in the mood for beer. My body was even telling me before I knew that it was time to cut back, I guess. Same goes for wine and other alcohol. Which is great, if I don’t want it I won’t miss it!


My energy sort of comes and goes, but I definitely am much more tired than before. And it’s a different kind of tired, I’ll be doing something, and my body just sort of revolts and I need to go lay down RIGHT NOW. Which is annoying when I’m in the middle of cooking or playing with Squish or something, but Hulk has been amazing at stepping in to finish up what I was working on so I can go lay down.

Morning Sickness:

I just started getting it here and there. Mostly if I go too long without eating. I find that if I eat something substantial first thing in the morning (last week it was 2 hb eggs and a ton of water) then I’m good for a while.

Other Symptoms:

Bathroom breaks: pit stops are definitely more frequent.

Sore boobs: Ow. Not fun, and ’nuff said. You’re telling me they’re going to get BIGGER?!?

Light cramping: I’ve been getting a light achyness I feel now and then, especially when I’ve been sitting still for a really long time (hello, trans-continental flights!) It totally freaked me out at first until Dr. Google assured me it was a common symptom of everything growing and getting arranged down in there. I just don’t remember getting achy with Squish. Oh boy, something new!

Heartburn/Indigestion: Yup. It’s nuts. I’m popping Tums like I have stock in them.


Weight gain: I keep forgetting to weigh myself. Maybe 2 lbs?

Other Stuff:

Best moment: breaking the news to family and friends. We didn’t wait this time. I hate keeping secrets.

Worst moment: All the emotions! Bah! I’m a total nutcase right now. Yesterday I was bawling because I spaced out and slept through my first physical therapy appointment. I’ve also cried when Squish dumped a cup of milk on the rug (yes, literally crying over spilled milk), crying when I was late to brunch with some friends, and crying because someone sent me an email and I thought their tone was mean. I went from being a person who rarely cries to one you would think just watched that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial every 20 minutes. Oh, those poor puppies. I’m tearing up again …

I’m also having to practice great restraint to not go out and start buying all sorts of baby stuff and maternity clothes. I’m just so excited, and now that I’ve been through it once already I’m, like, totally focused on what I need and how to get it. I just want to nest! Patience, grasshopper, patience!

More Randoms

Airport blogging once again! I’m just a few short hours away from home and the family, so here’s some random stuff to gear up for the weekend!

Apparently Minnesota hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s spring.


So glad I’m headed to SF.

J. Crew has advertised a white linen blazer as “wear it 100’s of ways!” I can sure do that! Wear it with coffee, with pasta sauce, with mustard … Possibilities are endless!

I have to give a video interview for work today. Great, so now the whole company can see how horribly awkward I am in front of a camera.

I made an unintentional goal of eating at least 1 salad a day, and it’s actually working. It seems that goals I make on the fly always stick better than ones I plan out ahead of time.

That’s all have a happy Friday!;

WIAW #4 – Thursday Edition

And it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Okay, that was actually Tuesday. It was sunny, 70 degrees, and totally gorgeous. I couldn’t get enough. Sorry I went all MIA yesterday. By the time I sat down to write, my brain was all, “Zzzzz” so I didn’t bother. Of course, my brain was asleep, but my internal clock was like, “Why are you going to bed at 6:30?” Now it’s all, “Why are you getting up at 2:30?” Just because, okay? Anyway, here is my WIAW for the week, a day late. Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting!

The breakfast bar at the hotel has a tiiiiny bucket of spinach next to the eggs. I assume so health-conscious people can sprinkle a few leaves on their eggs and feel good about themselves. I dumped the entire contents of the bucket on my plate. My mantra lately has been, “gotta get my greens!”


So, the cafeteria used to have a salad bar, which was my usual dining option for lunch. But a couple months ago they did away with it for a make-you-own-sandwich bar. Really? Now all the salads are pre-made iceberg monstrosities. Normally I haven’t been impressed, but I found this “vegetarian” salad hidden behind all the ones covered in cheddar cheese and decided to make it my own. Vegetables! Yay! I also added a couple of hb eggs.


And the obligatory daily Justin’s AB pack, with a banana to wash it down.


Okay, this was awesome. Seriously, the best dinner I’ve had here yet. Panko-crusted salmon on top of ratatouille. This was so many ways yummy, I just shoveled it in my mouth. The slice of salmon is probably the size of my face, and it allllll went into my face.


Larabar dessert. Why not?


Then I grabbed a couple (root) beers with my team. They guessed I was preggers pretty quick when they saw this.


I guess my brain is not yet functioning, that’s all I can think of to say this morning. Go make it a great day!

Time Zone Warp

Whyyy is it so early?!?

I’m on the east coast this week, meaning I’m 3 hours ahead where my body thinks I should be. I can wake up early for a workout normally with minimal difficulty, but when the alarm says 6:00 and your body thinks it’s 3:00, you have a bit of an, “are you serious?” rebellion brewing.

Whatever. We got it done.


I’m in Pittsburgh, across from PNC Park where the Pittsburgh Pirates play. I forgot that it was the MLB season opener this week, meaning this usually dead part of the city is absolutely swarming with baseball fans. Like, my cab had a hard time driving to the hotel with all the partygoers flooding the streets. Oh, you got a win? Awesome, I’ve been traveling since 2am your time, lemme go to bed.


On the bright side, I kind of took all the spinach at the hotel breakfast buffet.


There are eggs under there, I swear.

In other news, it’s April Fools’ Day! I debated on texting Hulk that I’m pregnant, but that joke’s a bit bust. I should have saved the social medial announcement for today. That would have been awesome, in a sort of Andy Kaufman way.

But given that it is April 1st, I should roll out some goals for this month. You know, so I have something hanging over my head to give me additional anxiety to the average everyday pressures of life. Here’s what I’m doing:

April Goals!

  • No more candy/sweets. Just knock it off.
  • Pick a PMP certification training plan and register for the exam
  • Work out at least 4 days a week
  • Drink 4 water bottles a day

That may be a manageable list.

Time to get this party started. Go make it a great day, kids!