Catching Up

Happy Tuesday! I feel like I’m back from the dead, and we are in sore need of a nice chat to get all caught up, don’t you think? I’ve got my coffee here, so why don’t you get yourself a cup as well and we’ll dish on the latest happenings.


I can’t believe that I forgot to mention it earlier, I won my first ever blog giveaway from Renee at Bendiful! I came home from Pittsburgh to a big ol’ box of assorted KIND bars 🙂


Whenever a package comes in the mail, Squish assumes it’s for him and starts jumping around crying, “Grandma! Grandpa!” because usually the package is a little gift from his grandparents. So he had to help me open it, and when he saw they were KIND bars he immediately wanted to eat them all. He got one.


I made him pose for a PR shot first. (Oh dear lord, I just realized he was wearing his “Hooters” shirt. Well, now you know what kind of parent I am, if you didn’t realize it already.)

Thank you Renee and KIND bars for the awesome surprise!


I don’t think I’ve seen the doctor so many times as I have in the last week. As I mentioned last time,  I came down with a really nasty case of strep when I was in Pittsburgh. It was so bad it migrated to my ears; I’m still hard of hearing in my right ear due to all the congestion. I was basically bed-ridden for almost a week. Coupled with the usual pregnancy symptoms of fatigue and morning sickness, I don’t remember the last time I was quite that miserable. But now I’m on the mend, and since this is the last week of my first trimester (woot, milestones!) I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be well enough to get back to activity as usual next week.


All signs point to baby still doing well, mostly due to the fact that I feel like crap-ola 80% of the time. Days I puke are slowly outnumbering days I don’t puke. I’m a little nervous about all the meds I had to take while sick, if they may have unintentional side effects on the little Peanut, but if it weren’t for the miracle of western medicine and antibiotics who knows how I’d be right now. That aside, I am definitely outgrown of my normal pants, and had to pick up a nice pair of maternity in-between jeans at Old Navy a couple weeks ago. I really like them; the stretchy part is on the sides, so from the front and back they look like normal pants. I hope my work isn’t too annoyed at me wearing jeans more often than usual; that’s all that really fits right now. At least I haven’t resorted to yoga pants just yet. Next week I have another ultrasound and another checkup and I’m excited to find out about Peanut’s progress, and see some sea monkey pics!


Last weekend we spent some glorious time off the grid at a cabin in the woods north of Ukiah. Some friends of ours invited us up to spend the weekend with them and their little girl who is Squish’s age. It was a totally awesome and surreal experience to be completely off the grid with no electricity (there was propane and solar, so it wasn’t exactly “roughing it”), wi-fi or cell reception. The only use for my phone was as a flashlight in the country-dark night. Yup, this was the weekend.


Terrible, I tell you. Just horrible. Squish and his new friend tore the place apart, and it was adorable to see him actually playing and interacting with another kid. He also got to go on a bike ride with Daddy.


We are looking forward to this type of retreat again soon. It was the perfect thing for relaxing and reconnecting without modern distractions.


I have done nothing in about 3 weeks. Well, I did do 30 min on the elliptical last Wednesday hoping the exercise would clear up my congestion. But I have been too tired in the morning to work out before work, and too sick AND tired in the evenings to consider going to the gym. I’m hoping next week I’ll start feeling better and feel up to light workouts again. I can’t go my entire pregnancy without keeping my strength up, or labor is going to be even more laborious if I’m out of shape! I might have to start sucking it up and getting to the gym despite my illness if I don’t feel better soon. Who knows; the activity might actually make me feel better.

Physical Therapy

I’m still going to physical therapy for my bum hamstring. It seems to be going well, and if I would just do my prescribed exercises I would probably be healing faster. But I’m forgetful and lazy, so it doesn’t always happen. Sitting in the car for 3+ hours Sunday coming back from the cabin didn’t make my leg feel all that great, so we did some extra work on it yesterday to get it back up to snuff. I guess I have a lot of muscular imbalance; my left leg is tighter than my right, so my right is over-working to compensate for it and that’s why my right leg is in pain. I’m supposed to do some hip and hammie-strenghtening exercises like clamshells and bridges, and massage my quads and calves with a roller ball daily. I think I need to set an alarm for myself every day so I remember to take the 15 minutes to work through my PT homework. I can’t remember anything unless there’s an alarm for it.

Whew! Okay, I feel caught up now. My coffee’s all gone, and the train is about to my station (yay commute blogging!). Make it a great day, and I’ll see you later!

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Winning a blog giveaway is so fun right?! Especially when the prize is KIND bars, which I adore 🙂 I love how your munchkin thinks packages are from his grandparents – too sweet! My dog actually gets psyched when packages come because I get her food & treats delivered from Petco haha

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