A Parade and a Day

Wow, this weekend just slipped on by. I’m now sitting in my hotel in Pittsburgh, once again, not really sure how I just got here. I mean, I know I got on a plane and here I am, but it seems like I was just sitting on the couch with the family watching Simpsons reruns even though that was last night.

Anyway, we were super busy all weekend. Squish and I headed to Point Reyes Station to go for a hike with one of my besties. It was perfect weather for it, and Squish pretty much napped in his stroller the whole time.


Then we got pizza. Squish really wanted to practice his pizza serving skills.


Sunday was the big Pride Parade in SF. All of downtown was pretty much shut down for the festivities. We met a friend up for brunch at the Four Seasons restaurant since it looks down on Market Street and we could enjoy the madness over fancy fruit plates.


Squish really enjoyed watching the parade from the big windows and pitched a fit when it was over, going all, “Noooo! More! More parade!” It’s only cute if it’s not your kid. He started out well-behaved, I swear.


Such a fancy pants. He knows the butter knife is licked before the salad fork.

I was up at the perfectly reasonable hour of 4:00 AM for my 7:00 AM flight. I nuked a couple of eggs for a quickie breakfast with some avocado and grapes,


Then ended up packing the grapes in a baggie for the road since I always run out of time getting ready to go to the airport. Have yet to find that perfect balance of being ready on time and getting in as much sleep as possible. It’s so eerie when there’s no one about walking to the BART station.


I arrived early to my gate and assembled my airplane necessities:


You know, water, coffee, snacks, fitness magazine, trashy magazine. The usuals.

I am so glad I packed snacks. Our first flight had a ton of turbulence and they cut service down. I received my cup o’ tea but didn’t get a chance to grab any food.


When I arrived at my layover, I had five minutes until my next flight boarded, so there was no hope in grabbing something to eat.  I somehow survived on my apple, almond butter, and KIND bar, but as soon as I walked into my hotel I ordered room service,


What is up with the sideways pictures? Gah. My OCD doesn’t like.

Anyway, I felt super cramped and tight from the plane so I did a 20-minute yoga podcast to loosen up, and that did the trick.

Time to finish up some work then get some rest in before the work craziness starts tomorrow. Make it a great evening!

The Big Reveal

Good morning! It’s Friday, woot!

Wow, I totally flaked on posting yesterday. For whatever reason, I was up at 4:00 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I decided to just head to work in the wee hours of the morning and get some stuff done. It’s a good thing I did; my day was pretty much non-stop prepping for my travel next week, and when I got home I simply crashed.

Which meant it was quite the Starbucks day.

20140627-063515-23715612.jpg 20140627-063517-23717032.jpg 20140627-063516-23716813.jpg

And I even left you all hanging with the baby announcement, too …

Ugh, I can’t keep secrets.


I’ve got a ton more work to do, sorry this is a quickie post. We’ll have a nice chat over the weekend and get caught back up.

Make it a most wonderful day!

Giveaway Shout-Out and Sweet Anticipation

Hey, gang.

Where did the day go? I can’t believe it’s already bedtime and I just sat down to write. That was good timing, huh?

First up, want to run Nike Women’s Marathon this October? Ashley is hosting a giveaway on her blog, A Lady Goes West for a spot in the 2014 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. The giveaway is to promote the Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I’ve never joined Team in Training, but I have friends who have raced in their “purples” while accomplishing fitness goals and raising money for cancer awareness and  research. It’s a pretty great organization if you’re looking for support while accomplishing your racing goals, such as a guaranteed spot in the Nike Women’s Marathon. Check out Ashley’s post for more giveaway details on how you could win a NWM spot of your own!

I had an awesome run this morning by the ballpark.



It was partly that foggy, and partly my phone was in my pocket before I took the picture. Eww, sweat.

I worked from home, so I made a quickie yogurt and peach bowl with some cinnamon for breakfast while I started cranking out work.



Plus 2 coffees. It was a HUGE peach. I don’t know what Safeway does to make them so huge. But it was perfectly sweet and kept me going through my marathon conference calls all morning.

Lunch was leftover pot roast I made last weekend. I was busy entertaining a cranky Squish to eat lunch with me, and since my camera is rather a distraction to him, I didn’t get a lunch pic.

Then Hulk and I went to my second trimester ultrasound appointment. It was the big one, where they measure everything tip to toe and you find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Any guesses? I’ll keep you in suspense and do the big reveal tomorrow. Mostly because Hulk and I immediately told our families, and Facebook. I feel like making SOMEONE squirm in anticipation. So, it’s you. Sweet, sweet anticipation.

Then Hulk went to work out while I made a quick dinner for the Squish and I of leftover chicken and some cheesy broccoli I quick whipped up.


I also ate about 1000 tortilla chips while waiting for dinner to cook, so by the time it got to my plate I wasn’t very hungry.

Time to wrap it up, and hit the sack. I’m taking a rest day tomorrow per The Fitnessista Summer Shape Up Week 2 calendar, but I still want to get up early to get some work done. I’m also thinking about getting a haircut after work, and maybe dropping off the dry cleaning. You know, all of the glamorous excitement that comes from living my life.

Have a most wonderful night!


Green Water?

You guys, it just occurred to me that I have my next ultrasound on Wendnesday, and we find out if the Peanut is a boy or a girl. Any guesses? Hulk is crossing his fingers for a girl, but I don’t really care either way at this point. A daughter or another son will be cool either way.

More eats:

Cherries and a Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar for snack



Salad for lunch. Here’s the bottom:






I Like to eat the carrots first.

And the top, once dumped into a bowl.



Greens, tuna, bell pepper, goat cheese, bacon, and olive oil.

Pre-game for the ride home, Starbucks iced latte and some cookies.


And a sunny post-lunch walk. Look, my waterfowl friends are back!



So, the fountain by one of the buildings in my business park is green. Like, grass green. Even in the little fountain jets, they are jetting green water. Belated St. Patrick’s Day prank?


Kinda gross. Not sure if that’s supposed to happen or not.

When I got home, Hulk had prepared a quick dinner of ground beef, bell pepper, and cheese.


No complaints here.

Time to get to work, then plan the evening’s festivities. It’s Hulk’s birthday today!

Make it a great day!

Power Breakfast

Good morning, and happy Monday to you! If you’re catching up from over the weekend, here’s what you missed:

A potluck with some friends


A really cold summer day exploring SF

Last night my little bro came over to hang out. We read stories and ate blueberries. That’s what you do, right?


Made the family a typical breakfast of bacon, eggs, and apple slices. Power breakfast!


I’ve got a full day planned, so I’ll see you later tonight. Make it a great day!

The Coldest Winter is a Summer in San Francisco

Anyone else up for a lazy Sunday? I didn’t think it was going to be like this, but a lazy day is how this day seems to be turning out.

Last night I just could not fall asleep, so I took a Unisom. Normally I don’t have too many side effects, but this morning I can’t seem to keep my eyes open! I tried going back to bed, but I didn’t fall asleep so I got bored. I just can’t seem to muster up the energy to tackle my want-to-do list (as opposed to the usual “have-to-do” list). So I’m catching up on blog reading and getting in some quality Netflix time with Squish.

That’s okay, we had a pretty busy Saturday. We didn’t make it to the zoo because Squish had a poorly timed nap. So instead we tried to walk up to Fisherman’s Wharf for some ice cream and to play tourist. We never made it past the Exploratorium since it was so cloudy and windy, Hulk and I were cold and made the call to turn back.


You’d think with the palm trees and blue sky it would be nicer outside!

Squish didn’t seem to mind, he had a blast playing with all the unusual apparatus that surrounds the Exploratorium.

20140622-114503-42303823.jpg 20140622-114503-42303615.jpg


As soon as we got back to the apartment, the sun popped out! So we met up with some friends at Union Square for a Philippine Independence festival. We checked out some booths and watched the traditional dancers. It was a really fun act!


Back at home we had pizza and salad for dinner with some friends. I totally forgot to take a picture, but I had a homemade Caesar salad with a slice of pepperoni, sausage, and I think goat cheese pizza. There was some other stuff on it, but that’s what I remember.

I wasn’t feeling too well (hence the Unisom) so I crashed early while Hulk went out with some friends.

All right, that’s enough laying about. I should just get some coffee in me and got try to seize at least part of the day. Go make it a great day, kids!

A Potluck of Sorts

So, I totally flaked on posting last night. We had dinner with a neighbor, and between the food and fun hanging out it didn’t even cross my mind to put together a post. C’est la vie, eh?

We did have a potluck of sorts. Our neighbor made homemade gnocchi and chicken soup that was fabulous. He made homemade chicken stock using the leftover bird from our chicken cacchiatore dinner party the other night. (If you’re curious, we used this chicken cacciatore recipe from goodhousekeeping.com)



The broth was perfect, I have a hard time getting my stock to taste that good!

Then I made tacos.


Gnocchi and tacos go together, right?

After the soup, I was already feeling pretty full so I stuck with one taco.



Then we all hung out until I was ready for bed and the boys were ready to see what all was happening in the SF night life. Someday I might be willing to venture out to the clubs again, but for now this little momma has a bedtime!

It was a good thing I caught up on my sleep last night, because it was heavenly waking up to no alarm. I threw my shoes on and went out for a 30 minute run a la Summer Shape Up.


It’s amazing all that has changed since I walked down Mission street every day for work. There used to be two empty lots on my walk to the office. Now there are two half-built skyscrapers.

20140621-115439-42879911.jpg 20140621-115439-42879684.jpg


I came home to the boys just rolling out of bed for the day, one slightly hungover 😉 so I made some brunch for everyone using the leftover taco stuff.


Huh, sideways pic. Anyway, it was sort of a mexican scramble, bacon, and half a bagel thin that eventually was topped with cream cheese.

And I dug out my Nuun. I forgot how much I love Nuun! It’s a nice change-up from plain old water sometimes.



Time to get some housework down and plan the shenanigans for the day. Rumor has it we might be hitting up the zoo this afternoon with some friends!

Make it a great day!

A Recovery Day and a Brunch-y Breakfast

What? Is it Friday already? You don’t say.

Today I’m working from home. I have an appointment later this morning, and it just makes more sense to work from home rather than commute all the way to the office just to turn around a few hours later and commute back.

I had intended to go for a run this morning, but as soon as I stepped out of bed my quads were all like, “nope!” I guess the SSU Workout 1 I did yesterday was a bit of a leg burner! I’ll probably hit the gym around lunch for some light active recovery. I really want to stay in the habit of exercising every day.

So Squish and I made breakfast instead.

Coffee and some water while the eggs cooked,


And breakfast! Eggs, bacon, and an Udi’s gluten-free blueberry waffle with butter. Kinda brunch-y.


It was my first time trying the Udi’s gluten free waffles, and they are great! Like an eggo, only gluten free.

Time to get cracking at these to-do’s. Make it a great day, everyone!

Need to Catch Up

Catch up on sleep, that is!

Hey, gang! Wow, I am about ready to fall asleep on my keyboard here. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, and I do not do well on so little sleep. I’ve lost count of the meltdowns and freak-outs over nothing. I don’t have to get up early again until Monday, so I hope to get caught back up on sleep by then!

I put bacon in my lunch salad today. I needed it. It was like a delicious bacon hug.


Along with greens, tomatoes, bell pepper, goat cheese, carrots, chicken, and olive oil.

And an apple gor snack, with an unpictured packet of Justin’s Almond Butter. Man, I love that stuff.


Hulk made a hamburger hash for dinner. I was too tired and distracted to take a pic, but it was delicious. The leftovers will probably make an appearance at lunch tomorrow.

Note to self: stop wearing white pants when bike commuting.


Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I think it’s bedtime now, although Mr. Squish doesn’t believe me. But I assure you, ’tis time.


The Mental Game: Summer Shape Up Workout 1 Review

Good morning! I am so happy it’s almost Friday. Ahh!

Sitting down to some breakfast of eggs with a sprinkle of cheese and some apple with almond butter,


And drinking as much coffee as I can. Last night was a late night, and I had trouble sleeping so that 5am alarm was most not welcome. It’s going to be a long day of the sleepies, I can tell!

Still made it to the gym for my first pass at The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape up Workout 1 (click on the image for the Pinterest pin URL):


The verdict? Ugh! I am really out of shape, and that was really hard. Mostly the lunges and inchworms, they are not movements I normally incorporate into my routine. When I was doing it, I hated it. I wanted to say that it was stupid and I didn’t like it and I was just going to do my own thing from now on. Then I felt bad. One, Gina puts the SSU on every year for free, and it’s a lot of work. Who am I to sit comfortably back behind my keyboard, sweat slowly drying on my brow and whine, “boo, I don’t like this, it’s stupid?”And Two, I signed up for it, so I should do it and not punk out.

So I thought about it some more. I thought about why I found it so difficult and mentally draining. Why could I not finish the inchworm-to-pushup set? Why did I stop doing the side lunges to press as a compound movement and just do a set of side lunge and a set of presses? And the ab circles – no. Just no. I realized that I like to think I am in better shape than I am. I like to Olympic lift “big” weights. I’ve run marathons (you know, years ago). I’m not that out of shape, am I?

Yes, yes I am. And since I enjoy doing workouts I think I’m good at, and I am most certainly NOT good at this one, I need to recalibrate my mental game here.  As I stretched after my measly 10 minutes of half-hearted HIIT intervals, I mused about when Squish was 10 months old and I finally felt ready to get back into the fitness world for real, and joined a boot camp class. I was so weak compared to where I used to be. I couldn’t do pushups without being on my knees, and even then I couldn’t do a full set without breaking form. That was after a pregnancy and 10 months post-partum taking-it-easy workouts of long walks and an occasional Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD. Lately, I haven’t been doing much more than biking the 3 miles to work and occasionally carrying heavy bags of groceries home from Whole Foods. I’m not much better now than I was two years ago.

So what to do? I need to get in a better headspace and see this as a motivating challenge. Next time, I’ll use my timer to see how long it takes me to get through one circuit. Then I’ll have a goal to beat that time. I’ll find the joy in the movement, being grateful my body still works enough where I physically can do these exercises even though they are difficult, and not get caught up in how I look to other gym-goers, and how wimpy I must look to them. Who cares what they think, anyway? And for the stuff that doesn’t feel right because of my preggo belly or fitness level: modify, modify, modify. I can’t do ab circles, but I can do planks. I need to use a lesser weight for the lunge stuff (I was using 10lb-ers). Finally, I need to give Gina a big huge thank-you for putting this together and giving me the wake-up call I needed to kick me in the butt and get me moving again.

Okay, that was a good ramble/rant for today. Time to go conquer the world again. Make it a great day, everyone!