Even More Catching Up

Hey, kids! What’s happening? I suppose it’s time for my monthly check-in, don’t you think?

First, a piece of random coolness. Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) is going on this week across the street, and they always have really cool entertainment that we can see from our living room. Last night, Bastille was playing! I didn’t realize it was them until they started playing “Pompeii”, and I about had a stroke. I grabbed the binoculars and jumped around like an idiot. OMG, I love this city.



I know it’s kind of a crummy picture. I have a lousy camera and dirty windows. But that big bright spot in the park is THEM!

Anyway, Squish and I just got back from a deliciously long weekend up at Lake Tahoe. My folks decided to host a family reunion of sorts up in the mountains for the whole family. View from our back porch:


It was horrible, I tell you. We did lots of beach bumming, hiking, and a little stand up paddle boarding, my new favorite. Finally, a board sport I don’t feel entirely incompetent at!

The cool part was Squish and I took the train from SF to Tahoe. Amtrak has a stop in Truckee, about a half hour from where we were staying. Squish was going nuts about riding a train “just like Thomas [the Train cartoon]!”


I tell you, if I could always take the train when traveling with small children, I would. It is so much more freeing than riding in a plane or a car. Squish and I could wander the train cars as much as we pleased so we weren’t forced to sit in our seats the whole time, which is key when you have a very busy toddler. There was a lounge car with huge windows and chairs to view the beautiful scenery as we rolled along. And hot dogs.


And as we traveled up the mountains they would announce historic facts and point out significant geographical features of interest. I got my nerd on, too!


Apparently when Squish was playing with my phone he changed the filter on my camera. I didn’t notice for most of the train ride, I just thought the train made all my pictures turn out yellow. I am not a photographer.

And now it’s back to real life. I have some work travel coming up, we have some guests visiting, and baby #2 is cruising along and doing its thing. I have my 20 week ultrasound in a few weeks where we find out the sex. Hulk’s still hoping for a girl, and I don’t really care either way. I’ve finally stopped the daily puking and feeling like I’ve been hit by a fatigue truck all the time, so I’ve been able to resume some of my normal activities, like cooking and being around other people. I might even meal prep this weekend! Great heavens! Someday I might go back to the gym. Someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later, because after trying to hike around the mountains last weekend I found I am woefully out of shape and it’s going to be a major battle getting back to where I want to be. But the beauty is I have all the time in the world to get that done, if and when I choose to.

Okay, that’s it for now. Make it a great day, a great weekend, and I hope to check in next week!