Let’s Go Run at Kezar!

Hey, gang! I had a bit of time on my hands while I wait for dinner, so I thought I’d pop in and share the day with you.

So, I’m thinking about moving to self-hosting. And it’s freaking me out in a jump-around-excited way. I just want more control to do what I want on the blog. I really don’t like my header or design, and I would like to sort of play around with ideas. So I’m doing some research this week on the best way for me to do it. I’m thinking about going the plain ol’ “WordPress-Bluehost route 101 for novice bloggers”, but I have some family/friends in web development that might have other (*ahem* more cost-friendly) ideas. Because I’m cheap. But I might just roll with it and if it sucks, I can always pull the plug and go back to site-hosted (is that what this is? Is that a thing?) Anyway, if my blog is mysteriously unavailable in the near future (and not just I went AWOL for a month or so) then it’s safe to assume things didn’t go well. Eek, wish me luck!

I had a 4:00 wake up call to get going in time for my 6:15 flight. I crammed an egg-rito (egg, cheese, and salsa wrapped in a tortilla) in my face as I ran out the door, cutting it close as usual.


I saved a Chobani I found in the back of the fridge for my in-flight snack.

Holy wow did I cut it close. My flight was at 6:15, and the first BART I can take is at 4:48, which means I usually make it to SFO by 5:30. It’s a little later than they recommend, but since I have TSA Precheck I usually cruise through security in under 5 minutes. But for whatever reason, I must have missed the first BART train because I didn’t get on until 6:10, which meant I arrived at SFO when my plane was boarding at 5:45. Then I was stuck behind tons of people and luggage and long lines trying to take the air tram from the BART station to my terminal, and even for the Precheck line there was a bit of a wait. I finally made it to my gate about 5 minutes before they closed the doors. It wasn’t one of those dramatic, “hold the plane!” squeezing through the door as it was being closed type of situations, but it was way too close for my comfort. Of course, there’s Hulk’s take on it: “You walked right from security to the plane? Seems like you were right on time!” Har har.

Anyway, I made my flight and enjoyed a coffee and a cookie while I worked a bit.


Oh, I must have drank the coffee already. Probably when I was flying over my apartment. Hi, Hulk! (Yes, I did wave. Because I’m an idiot like that)


And we flew over Lake Tahoe, which normally I’m either asleep or it’s too cloudy to see. But the flight today was so clear and beautiful. Hey, there’s the cabin we stayed at last week!


That probably looks like a blue blob to you. Whatever, I think it’s cool. Okay, maybe I should get a “real” camera. Someday.

I arrived at my connection in Minneapolis with plenty of time, so I decided to relax with a sit-down lunch at TGI Friday’s. I indulged in some broccoli cheddar soup,


And a kick ass awesome cobb salad.


OMG, I was stuffed to the gills. So good.

My sweet tooth did hit mid-flight, so I planned ahead and scored some of my beloved Swedish Fish.


Then chilled with my reading material I brought from home. I never get to just sit down and read my magazines. I don’t know why I keep subscribing to them, they mostly get tossed unread.


Well, I’m glad I read this issue, because they had an article about the history of Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park! I totally need to get out of my “7-block” mentality of never leaving SOMA/Downtown and go running there some weekend. It’s a San Francisco classic! Anyone want to run there with me sometime? Bueller?

Anyway, time to get all settled in for the night. I’ll catch you later!




2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Run at Kezar!

  1. I’ve been thinking of going to self-hosted, I’m completely freaked out about it, thank you for what you know thus far, I may take the “leap” soon too! 😊

    I am super bad about my magazines, I donate my “old” ones to my docs office and the cancer center.

    Running in SF huh?! I might be up for it, I’ll look into it! 😊

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