A Legit Thunderstorm

Holy buckets of rain, Batman!


I just got a taste of a real, bonafide thunderstorm here! I haven’t been in a gale like that since college. So much rain and big, boomy thunder. I don’t miss much about the Midwest, but a good summer thunderstorm is one thing I do miss that you just don’t get on the west coast.


Anyway, I had another working lunch today, so I just grabbed some food quick from the onsite cafeteria. It was burger day!


Plus a side of veggies, and a coke for some caffeine. Soon my internal clock will adjust, and then it will be time to go home. That is the way of things.


We were caught in the storm while still at the office, and we were starving. So we literally ran through the downpour to the closest restaurant for dinner, which happened to be The Tilted Kilt. If you haven’t been to a Tilted Kilt, it’s basically an Irish-themed Hooters. However I did appreciate the mural in the ladies room:


Be kind to your friends, girls.

Since I had a burger for lunch, I decided to balance dinner out with a Caesar salad.


The pics are really dark because the light above our table was out.

I still indulged in some of the fried appetizers my coworkers ordered.


Can’t go wrong with mozzarella sticks and garlic fries.

And with a full belly, I bid you a good day while I prep for my demo tomorrow morning. Have a most wonderful evening!

Breakfast with a side of Link Love

Is it morning all ready? I never get used to the East Coast time change.

Still blogging from Pittsburgh, and getting used to humidity again. Still, my run yesterday was pretty nice.


Having the “usual” hotel breakfast of eggs, fruit, and Activia yogurt,


With one twist: oatmeal! Normally I don’t do the oats, but for whatever reason this morning it sounded good. I topped it with raisins, walnuts, blueberries, and some peanut butter.

I’ve gotta jet to the office, but in the meantime here are some blog posts by some of my bloggy “friends” that I think are worth a read. Hope you enjoy!

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A rebuttal to those that say you’re not getting enough carbs from a paleo diet. Yeah, because that’s what the western diet needs more of. Carbs. From Mark’s Daily Apple.

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Go make it a great day!