Who Needs Titles? [Updated]

[Update: so, I apparently forgot a title on this post. Oops. But that’s easy to fix!]

A million years ago when my mom owned a dance studio and I was forced to assisted with the “little kid” classes, we had a series of ballet warm-up songs that were all garden themed. I think the series was called “A Fantasy Garden Ballet.” Think Tendu the Tulip, Saute the Bunny, Pas de Chat the Pansy, etc. Anyway, the first warm-up song we danced to started out like, “Good Mooooorning! Good Mooooorning! It’s tiiiiiime to wake up.” Once in a while that pops in my head before I begin the day’s salutations. Anyone out there still in the dance education industry that are familiar with this series, or is it still around even?

That was random.

Anyway, good morning! I’m over here enjoying my last hotel breakfast, a repeat of Tuesday, I suppose.


Eggs, sausage, fruit, yogurt with granola, coffee, water. Boom.

It’s my last day in Pittsburgh, I head back to SF tomorrow morning. When I checked into my flight this morning, I found that I got a first class upgrade on my flight from Minneapolis to SFO. Score! Happy dance, I love having status, even if it means I spend half my life in another city.

Better shove off to the office for another big day. Are you pumped it’s almost Friday? I love heading home on Fridays.

Go make it great day!

2 thoughts on “Who Needs Titles? [Updated]

  1. Awesome!! Got to love getting upgraded to first class. It’s the best feeling ever knowing you don’t have to be in a squishy middle seat in the back sandwiched in between 2 men who think the middle arm rest is theirs. Ha! The last time I flew a couple of weeks ago, I had a feeling I was going to get upgraded…and it turns out they had 2 upgrades and I was #3 on the list. Whatttt. It was so depressing to know I was that close but didn’t get it!

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