Hotel Gym, Tahoe Picks, and Milestone Achieved

Good evening! I’m chilling out at the hotel, catching up on Balanced Bites podcasts and blogs.  I am soooo happy to be going home tomorrow morning! Today was one giant blur. At the point I felt like it was lunchtime, I realized it was already 3:00! So busy.

I just finished a hotel gym workout that hit the spot:

  • 30 min Ellipical on “Random” mode, level 4, while watching “The Queen of Versailles” on Netflix. (Have you seen it? My sister Amanda recommend it a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to it.)
  • Super circuit of shoulder press, bent over rows, bench press, and bench dips, 10 reps each in 3 sets

Aaaaaand we’re done!

In between dashing from one conference room to another, I picked up another cafe lunch this afternoon:


Hot dog with sauerkraut and relish (it wasn’t very photogenic), veggies, and the nastiest diet iced tea I have ever had. Seriously, can I just get tea, without all the flavoring and crap? Tea is already a flavor!

Hulk sent me a “miss you” pick of Squish:


Crazy kid making a mess in my bedroom. Play away, my little man. You only get to be young for so long.

Last dinner in P-town was a bit of an indulgence. We went to Rivertowne, a brew pub on North Shore that has (I am told) pretty good beers. I splurged on the cornbread with whipped butter,



And some coconut shrimp and fries. The shrimp was majorly breaded and not as coco-nutty as I expected. Meh.


My dad texted some pics from our weekend in Tahoe. Obligatory happy family on a death march hike:


Squish and Grandpa:


In other news, this morning was my 200th post!


I felt like I should have thrown some confetti or something.

Time to pack and set the alarm. Gotta rise and shine early to make my flight! First class, punks!

Have a most wonderful night, and I’ll see you on the West Coast.

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