Saturday Shenanigans

Hi and happy Father’s Day! We will be celebrating with these handsome devils this morning:


So, I think my transfer to self-hosting yesterday worked. My blog still seems to be up, and I seem to have full access to Bluehost now. So, yay? Even though I work in web-based software development I’m not a web developer, I know just enough to be dangerous, so trying to do it myself was a little sketchy at best. If you’re considering moving from a free site to self-hosting, my advice is talk to someone that knows what they’re doing. But, my blog is up and my credit card charged for my hosting subscription, so I suppose everything worked out? Now time to spin some ideas for blog redesign the fun part!

Squish was playing with my phone for a good chunk of yesterday, so I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I normally would. But Squish and I split some fried eggs for breakfast,


Not the most photogenic, but they were good.

Then we hit up the farmer’s market for the week’s produce. I hadn’t been there in months! It felt so good to get back to my “normal” weekend routine with grocery shopping. When I was all morning sick and fatigued, I didn’t want to do anything. Squish was excited to be out in the activity, I couldn’t keep him in his stroller.


I only got about half what I intended to get due to a toddler meltdown, but we still scored some good stuff.


Strawberries, grape tomatoes, rainier cherries, zucchini, basil, beets, peaches, and avocados. The strawberries, cherries, and half the tomatoes are already gone at this point! Food is so good when it’s done “right”.

The afternoon was spent across the street at Yerba Buena Gardens, enjoying their free summer festival. Every Saturday in the summer they put on a free outdoor concert. I forgot the name of who was playing, but it was a latin jazz band. Squish was enthralled and even sat down for about five minutes of it before deciding that running around was more fun.



Then it was a low-key evening of movies and hanging out. We watched “Bottleshock” and “Sideways,” which was stupid because now I really want wine. All in due course, I suppose.

Now to plan the day’s activities and the week’s food. Make it a great day!

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