Training Them Young

Hi gang!

This will be a quick post, since it’s already my bedtime and I still have to put away the pile of laundry I threw on my bed this afternoon.

I went to yoga this morning, and when I came back I made Hulk a delightful Fathers Day brunch of pancakes with berry syrup and fried eggs.


Hulk chilled by the pool while Squish and I cleaned the apartment.


Train ’em while they’re young.

Then Squish and I watched movies while we split a bagel thin with cream cheese, blueberries, and a peach. And some unpictured mixed nuts.


For dinner I made ribeye, mashed sweet potato, and broccoli. We had a friend over to share dinner with us, so I didn’t grab a pic.

And that’s all I got today. Time for bed!

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