Snacky Day

Good morning! I totally blew off last night’s post. After waking up early to hit the gym, I was battling the sleepies all day. It was everything I could do to crawl into bed at 10:00pm. At least yesterday I got 30 min of easy cardio in with some stretching. Today was a rest day for the SSU, but I wanted to get into the momentum of waking up early for the gym. I figured just the act if getting down there and doing something at 5:30am would spark the habit. But, ugh, I gotta get to bed earlier to get this done.

Because of the soul-crushing fatigue, I ended up snacking quite a bit throughout the day. A bar,


Some pita chips,


And a several unpictured mini chocolates.

At work they were streaming World Cup on one of the giant conference room projectors. I told Hulk about it, and he sent me this:


Hulk was a professional cyclist for 3 years.

I had a long commute home, which didn’t improve my fatigue or mood. The bike cars on my train were at capacity so I couldn’t get on and had to wait for the next one. As much as I love how more people are embracing bike commuting and public transportation, it sucks that it seems there are TOO many now. About twice a month I can’t get on the train due to capacity issues. I know it’s a seasonal problem (more people ride in the summer when it’s nice), but it’s too bad that they don’t add another bike car on the peak commute trains during bike season. I like the train, but if I drove I probably wouldn’t be as late to work or coming home nearly as often.

Anyway, because I was coming home late Hulk started dinner already. Simple healthy salad with some unpictured roasted chicken.


Squish ate all my cucumber.

Then we ran to Target for some groceries. I brought along my “pack mule.”


I asked him to smile, but he just wanted my phone.

Then I came home to a couple of surprises. First, I won a Bondi Band from the Foodie Loves Fitness giveaway, and it arrived!. Thank you, Nicole! Here I am modeling it, tired and no makeup and all.


And I sort of look like a creepy Dracula or something. Wow, should have checked that one out before posting. Oh well, the Bondi band says “Run Like a Princess Today,” which is, you know, how I normally run. Wearing expensive gear and whining “can’t someone else do this?” the entire time. Hoping to give it a go this week!

Then my Snoogle came! I ordered this from Amazon:




This turned out to be a point of controversy in the household. I’m about 99% positive most couples go through the initial “Snoogle shock,” where the husband realizes he’s been replaced with a body pillow. Plus, we have a small apartment and this thing is enormous. Hopefully I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it, so it’ll be worth both the cost and space investment.

That’s all I have for today, go make it a great day, kids!




Summer Shape-Up!

Good morning, and happy Monday to you!

It must be Monday. I totally wrote an awesome post over breakfast after installing Live Writer on my home computer. Then I remembered our wireless went down last night and I had no way of posting it! D’oh. So I’m iPhone blogging on the train, trying to remember what I was talking about before.

Oh yeah, Summer Shape Up!


I’m joining The Fitnessista‘s Summer Shape Up this year. Last week, I set the intention to get back on board with my healthy eating and exercising. I did pretty well given it was a travel week, but I am looking forward to having some support and motivation with the Summer Shape Up (heresoforever after abbreviated as “SSU”, since I’m lazy and I like acronyms), plus someone else is telling me what to do, which always helps.

Anyway, if you want more info or want to join yourself, check it out here. Join us … come join us …

Since all my pictures are on my home computer, I won’t share breakfast with you. I had bacon and eggs. So, you probably don’t need a picture to get a visual on that.

Off to seize the day. Make it a great day, everyone!