Snacky Day

Good morning! I totally blew off last night’s post. After waking up early to hit the gym, I was battling the sleepies all day. It was everything I could do to crawl into bed at 10:00pm. At least yesterday I got 30 min of easy cardio in with some stretching. Today was a rest day for the SSU, but I wanted to get into the momentum of waking up early for the gym. I figured just the act if getting down there and doing something at 5:30am would spark the habit. But, ugh, I gotta get to bed earlier to get this done.

Because of the soul-crushing fatigue, I ended up snacking quite a bit throughout the day. A bar,


Some pita chips,


And a several unpictured mini chocolates.

At work they were streaming World Cup on one of the giant conference room projectors. I told Hulk about it, and he sent me this:


Hulk was a professional cyclist for 3 years.

I had a long commute home, which didn’t improve my fatigue or mood. The bike cars on my train were at capacity so I couldn’t get on and had to wait for the next one. As much as I love how more people are embracing bike commuting and public transportation, it sucks that it seems there are TOO many now. About twice a month I can’t get on the train due to capacity issues. I know it’s a seasonal problem (more people ride in the summer when it’s nice), but it’s too bad that they don’t add another bike car on the peak commute trains during bike season. I like the train, but if I drove I probably wouldn’t be as late to work or coming home nearly as often.

Anyway, because I was coming home late Hulk started dinner already. Simple healthy salad with some unpictured roasted chicken.


Squish ate all my cucumber.

Then we ran to Target for some groceries. I brought along my “pack mule.”


I asked him to smile, but he just wanted my phone.

Then I came home to a couple of surprises. First, I won a Bondi Band from the Foodie Loves Fitness giveaway, and it arrived!. Thank you, Nicole! Here I am modeling it, tired and no makeup and all.


And I sort of look like a creepy Dracula or something. Wow, should have checked that one out before posting. Oh well, the Bondi band says “Run Like a Princess Today,” which is, you know, how I normally run. Wearing expensive gear and whining “can’t someone else do this?” the entire time. Hoping to give it a go this week!

Then my Snoogle came! I ordered this from Amazon:




This turned out to be a point of controversy in the household. I’m about 99% positive most couples go through the initial “Snoogle shock,” where the husband realizes he’s been replaced with a body pillow. Plus, we have a small apartment and this thing is enormous. Hopefully I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it, so it’ll be worth both the cost and space investment.

That’s all I have for today, go make it a great day, kids!




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