Summer Shape-Up!

Good morning, and happy Monday to you!

It must be Monday. I totally wrote an awesome post over breakfast after installing Live Writer on my home computer. Then I remembered our wireless went down last night and I had no way of posting it! D’oh. So I’m iPhone blogging on the train, trying to remember what I was talking about before.

Oh yeah, Summer Shape Up!


I’m joining The Fitnessista‘s Summer Shape Up this year. Last week, I set the intention to get back on board with my healthy eating and exercising. I did pretty well given it was a travel week, but I am looking forward to having some support and motivation with the Summer Shape Up (heresoforever after abbreviated as “SSU”, since I’m lazy and I like acronyms), plus someone else is telling me what to do, which always helps.

Anyway, if you want more info or want to join yourself, check it out here. Join us … come join us …

Since all my pictures are on my home computer, I won’t share breakfast with you. I had bacon and eggs. So, you probably don’t need a picture to get a visual on that.

Off to seize the day. Make it a great day, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Summer Shape-Up!

  1. I need to whip my booty into shape! I’m thinking of doing a Whole30 after the 4th of July. I can’t seem to commit to anything right now and I know the Whole30 will reign me back in. I always think about doing the summer shape up because I love Gina’s blog, but with CrossFit and the conflicting meal plan goals (aka whole grains/oatmeal/etc) it just never seems like a good match. I will take the inspiration though! Good luck 🙂

      • Haha, I missed this comment. Sorry for the late reply!
        I sooooo want to do Crossfit, but I have to wait until my body & budget allow for it. I’ve been dropping hints to my husband any chance I get that a CF membership is a great Christmas gift 🙂
        I’m not following the SSU meal plan. Although I need to get back to clean eating, I know my gut would be destroyed with all the oatmeal. To each their own!

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