Best Lunch Ever

What is up? Check it out, I am still awake and coherent enough to write a post. But I have no guarantees on how long this will last, so we’d better get cracking.

Last night I made paleo chocolate chip cookies from “Make it Paleo”. I had too many. Bad things happened to me. Don’t eat too many almond flour-based baked goods, kids.

Today for lunch my coworkers were talking up this food truck. I’m always down for food from a truck, so I tagged along. Plus, I forgot to grab my packed lunch from the fridge this morning, so it was more of an “oh darn! Now I have to go out for lunch *wink*” situation.

Anyway, we headed to the food truck place, and found not just one food truck, but a total food truck party!




So much awesomeness.

I was directed to our truck of choice, where I had spare ribs and “kamikaze fries” which are waffle fries topped with all kinds of craziness.



And a cupcake. You know. Because.


Then after work our neighbor invited us to a dinner party. We made chicken cacciatore.



And now that I’ve eaten myself within an inch of my life, it’s time to say goodnight! See you all tomorrow.

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