A Potluck of Sorts

So, I totally flaked on posting last night. We had dinner with a neighbor, and between the food and fun hanging out it didn’t even cross my mind to put together a post. C’est la vie, eh?

We did have a potluck of sorts. Our neighbor made homemade gnocchi and chicken soup that was fabulous. He made homemade chicken stock using the leftover bird from our chicken cacchiatore dinner party the other night. (If you’re curious, we used this chicken cacciatore recipe from goodhousekeeping.com)



The broth was perfect, I have a hard time getting my stock to taste that good!

Then I made tacos.


Gnocchi and tacos go together, right?

After the soup, I was already feeling pretty full so I stuck with one taco.



Then we all hung out until I was ready for bed and the boys were ready to see what all was happening in the SF night life. Someday I might be willing to venture out to the clubs again, but for now this little momma has a bedtime!

It was a good thing I caught up on my sleep last night, because it was heavenly waking up to no alarm. I threw my shoes on and went out for a 30 minute run a la Summer Shape Up.


It’s amazing all that has changed since I walked down Mission street every day for work. There used to be two empty lots on my walk to the office. Now there are two half-built skyscrapers.

20140621-115439-42879911.jpg 20140621-115439-42879684.jpg


I came home to the boys just rolling out of bed for the day, one slightly hungover 😉 so I made some brunch for everyone using the leftover taco stuff.


Huh, sideways pic. Anyway, it was sort of a mexican scramble, bacon, and half a bagel thin that eventually was topped with cream cheese.

And I dug out my Nuun. I forgot how much I love Nuun! It’s a nice change-up from plain old water sometimes.



Time to get some housework down and plan the shenanigans for the day. Rumor has it we might be hitting up the zoo this afternoon with some friends!

Make it a great day!

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