Giveaway Shout-Out and Sweet Anticipation

Hey, gang.

Where did the day go? I can’t believe it’s already bedtime and I just sat down to write. That was good timing, huh?

First up, want to run Nike Women’s Marathon this October? Ashley is hosting a giveaway on her blog, A Lady Goes West for a spot in the 2014 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. The giveaway is to promote the Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I’ve never joined Team in Training, but I have friends who have raced in their “purples” while accomplishing fitness goals and raising money for cancer awareness and  research. It’s a pretty great organization if you’re looking for support while accomplishing your racing goals, such as a guaranteed spot in the Nike Women’s Marathon. Check out Ashley’s post for more giveaway details on how you could win a NWM spot of your own!

I had an awesome run this morning by the ballpark.



It was partly that foggy, and partly my phone was in my pocket before I took the picture. Eww, sweat.

I worked from home, so I made a quickie yogurt and peach bowl with some cinnamon for breakfast while I started cranking out work.



Plus 2 coffees. It was a HUGE peach. I don’t know what Safeway does to make them so huge. But it was perfectly sweet and kept me going through my marathon conference calls all morning.

Lunch was leftover pot roast I made last weekend. I was busy entertaining a cranky Squish to eat lunch with me, and since my camera is rather a distraction to him, I didn’t get a lunch pic.

Then Hulk and I went to my second trimester ultrasound appointment. It was the big one, where they measure everything tip to toe and you find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Any guesses? I’ll keep you in suspense and do the big reveal tomorrow. Mostly because Hulk and I immediately told our families, and Facebook. I feel like making SOMEONE squirm in anticipation. So, it’s you. Sweet, sweet anticipation.

Then Hulk went to work out while I made a quick dinner for the Squish and I of leftover chicken and some cheesy broccoli I quick whipped up.


I also ate about 1000 tortilla chips while waiting for dinner to cook, so by the time it got to my plate I wasn’t very hungry.

Time to wrap it up, and hit the sack. I’m taking a rest day tomorrow per The Fitnessista Summer Shape Up Week 2 calendar, but I still want to get up early to get some work done. I’m also thinking about getting a haircut after work, and maybe dropping off the dry cleaning. You know, all of the glamorous excitement that comes from living my life.

Have a most wonderful night!