A Parade and a Day

Wow, this weekend just slipped on by. I’m now sitting in my hotel in Pittsburgh, once again, not really sure how I just got here. I mean, I know I got on a plane and here I am, but it seems like I was just sitting on the couch with the family watching Simpsons reruns even though that was last night.

Anyway, we were super busy all weekend. Squish and I headed to Point Reyes Station to go for a hike with one of my besties. It was perfect weather for it, and Squish pretty much napped in his stroller the whole time.


Then we got pizza. Squish really wanted to practice his pizza serving skills.


Sunday was the big Pride Parade in SF. All of downtown was pretty much shut down for the festivities. We met a friend up for brunch at the Four Seasons restaurant since it looks down on Market Street and we could enjoy the madness over fancy fruit plates.


Squish really enjoyed watching the parade from the big windows and pitched a fit when it was over, going all, “Noooo! More! More parade!” It’s only cute if it’s not your kid. He started out well-behaved, I swear.


Such a fancy pants. He knows the butter knife is licked before the salad fork.

I was up at the perfectly reasonable hour of 4:00 AM for my 7:00 AM flight. I nuked a couple of eggs for a quickie breakfast with some avocado and grapes,


Then ended up packing the grapes in a baggie for the road since I always run out of time getting ready to go to the airport. Have yet to find that perfect balance of being ready on time and getting in as much sleep as possible. It’s so eerie when there’s no one about walking to the BART station.


I arrived early to my gate and assembled my airplane necessities:


You know, water, coffee, snacks, fitness magazine, trashy magazine. The usuals.

I am so glad I packed snacks. Our first flight had a ton of turbulence and they cut service down. I received my cup o’ tea but didn’t get a chance to grab any food.


When I arrived at my layover, I had five minutes until my next flight boarded, so there was no hope in grabbing something to eat.  I somehow survived on my apple, almond butter, and KIND bar, but as soon as I walked into my hotel I ordered room service,


What is up with the sideways pictures? Gah. My OCD doesn’t like.

Anyway, I felt super cramped and tight from the plane so I did a 20-minute yoga podcast to loosen up, and that did the trick.

Time to finish up some work then get some rest in before the work craziness starts tomorrow. Make it a great evening!

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