The Scenic Route

This morning I was out the door a few minutes early, so I took the scenic route to the office along the river walk.


Hello, water fowl friends.


Not a bad way to start the day.


For lunch I had a green salad with chicken and blue cheese dressing, but since I was eating with coworkers it was going to be really awkward to take a picture. So here is my artistic representation of what it looked like:


Why I didn’t pursue a degree in art is beyond me.

After work, we headed to the nearby bar to watch the second have of the Belgium vs. US World Cup game. It was busy, but not packed so we were able to get a table. Every tv was  tuned to the game. The bar was surrounded by big green squares of filmed soccer field.


I decided to go for a green salad. Don’t worry, it still comes with fried onion strings on top.


Oh, look. Nachos for the table. I helped with that, too.


Honestly, I don’t like nacho cheese. But these nachos had real melted cheese with the nacho cheese, so it was a fair trade-off.

Now it’s time to prep for tomorrow and get some rest. I’m looking forward to a nice run along the river walk first thing tomorrow morning! Have a great night!

Summer Shape Up Week 3 Sweaty Bump

This morning I dragged my pillow-loving butt out of bed to hit Summer Shape Up Workout #3 even though I reeeeealy wanted to stay in bed. This one was by far my favorite! Kettle bell swings, squats, bench dips, with a burpee buy-in and plank cash-out. I managed to do 4 complete circuits in the 25 min time. I might have been able to squeeze another half circuit in if I didn’t stop for a water break between each round, but I was still super sweaty when the bell rang.

Look, a sweaty post-gym bump pic!


Workout was followed up with a hotel power breakfast,


Eggs, fruit, Activia yogurt, English muffin with PB, butter, and jam, coffee with soy milk.

Last night after I crashed, Hulk assured me that he and Squishy we’re doing fine in my absence.



Squish likes to take off in the park while proclaiming, “Runninggggg!”

Time to go and be awesome. Make it a great day!