Summer Shape Up Week 3 Sweaty Bump

This morning I dragged my pillow-loving butt out of bed to hit Summer Shape Up Workout #3 even though I reeeeealy wanted to stay in bed. This one was by far my favorite! Kettle bell swings, squats, bench dips, with a burpee buy-in and plank cash-out. I managed to do 4 complete circuits in the 25 min time. I might have been able to squeeze another half circuit in if I didn’t stop for a water break between each round, but I was still super sweaty when the bell rang.

Look, a sweaty post-gym bump pic!


Workout was followed up with a hotel power breakfast,


Eggs, fruit, Activia yogurt, English muffin with PB, butter, and jam, coffee with soy milk.

Last night after I crashed, Hulk assured me that he and Squishy we’re doing fine in my absence.



Squish likes to take off in the park while proclaiming, “Runninggggg!”

Time to go and be awesome. Make it a great day!

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