To Find Trouble or to Be Lazy?

Today was rather uneventful. I finished my demos, and had the afternoon free of meetings to work on stuff, which was a rarity. Usually my calendar is packed with meetings. I ordered Jimmy John’s for lunch for the team. It seems to be a hump day tradition around these parts.


I got the Vito italian sandwich and a pickle. I’d never had a JJ pickle before, but was feeling pickle-y (what can I say, I’m pregnant).


The pickle was seriously almost as big as my sandwich. At this point, I think it classifies as a salad.

3:00 pm chocolate break also made its presence.


The team decided to do our own thing for dinner after work, and I was feeling reclusive. Plus, my feet were getting super swollen. Maybe it was the running this morning? I headed back to the hotel to put my feet up for a while. I didn’t feel like trekking out into the wild to forage for food, so I took advantage of the Manager’s reception the hotel has every Monday through Wednesday night. They serve a light fare dinner of sorts and the menu changes daily. Tonight it was a BBQ theme with burgers and hot dogs. They also have a salad bar, snacks like mixed nuts and chips, and beverages. I’m not partaking on the free wine or beer (sad panda) but I did grab a kielbasa and mixed up a salad.


That bun was huge. After about three bites I put the bun aside and just ate the kielbasa. I don’t know why I started eating my burgers and sausages with buns again; the flavor is all in the meat anyway. I guess I like the convenience of eating with my hands, because above all I am lazy and who has time to use a fork and knife?

It’s only 7:00 and I’m debating on whether or not just to turn in now, or go out for a walk and see what kind of trouble I can get into. My restlessness says “find trouble!” but my swollen feet prefer stay where I am in my comfy hotel bed. Travel is fun, but it kind of sucks to travel alone sometimes. At least I can relish being responsible for only me, and having this gift of free time where I can do whatever I want to do. That’s a rare thing these days.

Have a most wonderful night! What kind of trouble do you plan on getting into?

River Run

Even though I was super pumped last night thinking about my run this morning, when the alarm went off at 6:00 am it took a lot of self-butt-kicking to finally roll out of bed at 6:25.


As always, I was glad I did. However I felt really sluggish. My legs were just lead weights.


The scenery made up for it, though.


I enjoyed my little jaunt in Three Rivers Park along North Shore.

I’ve been using the Runkeeper app on my runs lately, since it’s one less thing to think about/forget than if I use my Garmin. Plus, I’m not really sure where my Garmin is right now. I don’t think the Runkeeper app is as accurate as my Garmin, but it will suffice to satisfy the data junkie in me.

From this morning:

Time: 30:02

Miles: 2.09

Avg Pace: 14:23

Calories: 218

I spend the first and last 3-5 minutes walking, but still I run pretty slowly these days. Whatever, I’m still out there running, right?

I ended my run ravenous so I plunged into my hotel breakfast du jour:


Eggs, sausage, fruit, peanut butter on toast, Activia yogurt, orange juice, tea, and water. I was thirsty.

Time to saddle up and ride out into the day. Make it a great day!