What I Wish I Was Eating–Independence Day Version

Ahh! It’s a holiday! I *may* have prepped this post on the plane last night so I could sleep in today. Wait, no I didn’t. That would be planning ahead and stuff, and since I was on a plane until 1:00 am this morning, well, things just didn’t happen. So I slept in. That’s what holidays are for, right? Well, except for Christmas. You have to wake up early to greet the Santa presents for Christmas. But all other holidays, snooze away.

Anyway, I’m still not sure what our plans for the day’s festivities are. At least, I don’t know, but Hulk does. He is our social engagement coordinator, after all. So at some point I’m sure we shall be whisked off to a barbecue or backyard party or maybe a boat ride or something. In the meantime, Pinterest shall help me dream of what we’ll eat today! That sounds like fun, too!

Here’s all the food porn I’ve pinned for the day’s dietary dreaming:

Starting with some fine, tasty beverages,


Can’t go wrong with bubbles. And the little star toppers are a festive touch.


Not quite 4th of July, but still looks refreshing for a summer picnic.


There we go! I’m loving the “layered” look.

Then we move on to the pre-meal time snackies. Because you need to eat something first to make you more hungry to eat more.


A festive fruit plate. Even I think I could do this one and not screw it up!


Fruit kebabs! Argh, too much cute!

And then, let the grilling begin. I love me a good barbecue!


Ribs! Oh, yes. That has to happen.


We used to grill shrimp all the time in a brandy-sugar marinade. Maybe we need to bring this tradition back this year?


And the classics. Bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Can’t go wrong with that.

And don’t forget the sides!


Citrus-fennel cole slaw! I love slaw, especially with fun, new ingredients.


Grilled avocado! Um, yes, please!


And of course grilled corn on the cob. It just wouldn’t be summer without it.

Still have room left? No? Ah, well, jump up and down a few times, because here comes dessert:


Are these the cutest or what? I think they’re either tarts or cheesecake. Either way, I love the layers and the blueberry garnish.


Some decorated rice krispie treats on a stick, for the kiddos (and when I say kiddos, I mean me).

Finally, what is an American holiday without some American pie?


Even better when they’re hand pies! Perfect, saves on cutting, and I don’t have to share!

Enjoy your day, I hope it’s not too foggy to see fireworks where you’re at, and if you’re not celebrating the 4th, have a most wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend!


A Pittsburgh Expedition



Good morning! Guess what? I’m going home tonight? Guess what else? When I checked into my flight, I found I received a first-class upgrade for BOTH of my flights. Woot! I love having status. As long as the weather is in my favor I’ll get home just after midnight after being in the lap of first-class luxury for several hours. My only disappointment is that I will be unable to attempt to drink them out of free wine.

I ran through Summer Shape Up Workout #3 this morning. My body was just not feeling it. I only did 3 rounds even though I had more than enough time for a 4th, and I skipped the optional cardio. I’ve observed that my Braxton-Hicks are a bit more noticeable when I workout hard, so better play it safe and take it easy when I can. My legs still feel like jelly from the burpee buy-in so I still feel like I got something done.

Last hotel breakfast:


Fruit, sausage, a horribly scant waffle (I wanted a waffle but tried to only use half the mix. I ended up with half a waffle, but not the way I intended), lots of butter, and coffee.

Last night I chose “adventure!” and drug myself out of my hotel room into the wild of Pittsburgh. I decided to explore the area north of the river where I had never been. Google said there was a park somewhere up there. Google did not disappoint.


There was a nice park home to the National Aviary. The exhibits were already closed, but one of the outdoor areas housed an enormous vulture. S/He was all tucked up in a bird-ball and too far away to get a good picture, but let’s just say that at first I thought it was a uniquely colored boulder, until I got close and saw this giant boulder had feathers.

There was a sweet little lake in the middle of the park with walking bridges over it,




And water fowl. Always the water fowl.


Hello, ducks.


Even though it was rather an uneventful walk, I was still glad to get out on my own for a bit.


Awkward selfie.


Then I grabbed a candy from the reception desk on my way back in. Dessert!


Are you up to any (mis)adventures lately?

Make it a great day!