Starting a Whole30, Kinda

Sooooo … over the weekend, I suddenly decided to do another Whole30. And when I told Hulk, he said that he’d do it with me. I don’t know what is wrong with me. This week is a travel week, meaning that it’s near impossible to find compliant food among the sports bars I’m normally surrounded by. But, I’ll do what I can, anticipating a reset when I get home. Whatever, at least it’ll get me in the right mindset to stop eating crappy food.

That’s really my main goal. To start choosing healthier foods. Over the past several months I have really been sliding back into really old habits. I actually wanted oatmeal for breakfast the other morning. I stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast back in 2011. And my heartburn has been out of control lately, another sign that I’m not eating what I should. I’ve been popping 4-6 Tums a day, and that’s just not right. So I just want to reset a bit and remind myself how good food can make me feel.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, finally dozing off sometime after midnight. So I skipped the morning workout for an extra hour of sleep. That was probably a good call, since it was a tough day at the office. I needed my wits about me, and was still yawning despite the multiple cups of tea consumed (I switch to tea during a Whole30 since I don’t like hotel coffee without creamer).

For lunch I had a cobb salad, no dressing and no cheese.


I forgot to ask about holding the bacon. And when I asked for olive oil on the side, I am pretty sure it was regular veggie oil. Oh well, practice day, right?

Dinner was a bun-less burger and guacamole, but I didn’t have my phone on me so you can use your imagination of a burger patty smothered in guacamole. Mmm. That hit the spot.

I’d better start prepping for tomorrow, then hit the gym. I’m feeling mighty creaky from sitting on a plane all day yesterday.

Have a most wonderful evening!