A South Lake Weekend

Hello! Long time no blog! When I miss a few days, it’s always so hard getting back into the habit again. I never know if I should recap all that I’ve missed, or just start over again with what’s current. But we had a lovely weekend away, and it would be just poor form to not mention it.

Last weekend Hulk and I took a couples’ trip to Lake Tahoe, where my company is hosting a weekend getaway for employees and their spouses. I have been looking forward to this weekend for weeks now, as I loooove visiting Tahoe! For the record, I brought my computer fully intending to blog while we were away, but hotel internet was $12 a day and I am too cheap for that. So I just chilled and disconnected instead.

Normally when we vacation as a family we stay at North Lake, but this time we are experiencing South Lake. I won a raffle at work for one of the top floor suites at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. Woot!


We arrived at South Lake Tahoe around 6:00, just in time to join some coworkers for happy hour. We hung out for a while enjoying the margaritas (well, Hulk did) and live band. Then once everyone else was ready to hit the casino floor, this granny-mamma called it a night around 10pm and we hit the super comfy bed in the suite. I am not a gambler; my money is better spent just throwing it in the street. We slept in until 10am! I don’t remember the last time I slept in that late.

Later Saturday afternoon we had a picnic on the beach. It did not suck.


After sleeping in all morning and laying on the beach all afternoon, Hulk and I were a bit antsy so we checked out the hotel gym. It was pretty spacious for a hotel gym.


Hulk tried to photo bomb. He was a little disappointed it wasn’t more obvious.

Then in the evening we did a riverboat dinner cruise. Salad, steak, and chocolate cake for dessert surrounded by Emerald Bay scenery.



We saw the “super moon” rise above the mountains. Believe me, it was more majestic than my crappy, grainy iPhone picture.


Sunday morning was an all-you-can-eat buffet. All the food. I didn’t want to be tempted by all the desserts, so I ate a couple chocolate-covered strawberries and took pictures of the rest. Mmm, pie.


Then Hulk and I went for a quick hike up at Eagle Falls before heading back to the city.




Not a bad weekend. Now it’s back to “normal,” whatever that is. I don’t have any travel scheduled in the near future (yay!), just maybe one more trip in August. Then I go have a baby and come back next year to a new project (hopefully!).

So that’s all why I’ve been all MIA lately. Hopefully if you follow me on Instagram (emilyrocksroad is my handle) you’ve been seeing my check-ins. I’m a bit more reliable on Instagram.

Are you much of a gambler?

When was your last weekend away?

Okay, time to catch my train. Go make it a great day!


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