July Goals! Let’s Get Started

Now that July is half over, I might as well start talking about the goals I set up for the month. Better late than never, right?

I used to do this all the time. At the beginning of the month, I would make up 3-4 goals to work towards for that month. I haven’t been doing that, and it would be fun to start again.  And I use the word “fun” like having a baby is fun or running a marathon is fun. As in, it sounds like a good idea until you’re committed and now you just try to get it over and done with while keeping your sanity.

Anyway, here is what I’ve been working on this month:

  1. Work out 5 days a week
  2. Drink 4 water bottles of water a day
  3. Get in to work by 8:00 am
  4. Start a Whole30

Work out 5 days a Week

Five seems to be the magic number for me, where I start seeing/feeling results but don’t get too burned out. The trick is to not plan rest days; they will happen to me when I travel or get too busy and the day slips away. So in my head I plan on working out every day, but if it doesn’t happen I just make darn sure to get to the gym tomorrow.

Drink 4 bottles of Water Daily

This is pretty much always a goal, but I’m never sure how good I am at achieving it. And you can’t improve what you don’t measure, so I’m (trying to) keep track this month how many times I refill my water bottle. Usually it’s a 20 oz bike bottle, but I also have a nice, large cup with a straw I use at home. As long as I drink 4 full drinking vessels in a day, I call it good.

Get to Work by 8:00 am

This one is hard for me for some reason. My work is pretty lax about working hours; you just show up and get your work done. Some come early, some stay late. But I know I’m at my best in the morning, so the earlier I get in the more I get done. But the snooze button is appealing, breakfast always takes longer to cook than I think it should, and more often than not I’m running late and miss my train. So I need to commit to getting to my train on time so I’m at work at a decent hour. The bonus is when I travel, I’m always at the office early for meetings, so it’s only a struggle when I’m at home.

Start a Whole30

Note that I didn’t say “do a Whole30” or “finish a Whole30.” But I wanted to start one this month. I did on Monday July 7, but that was a travel week followed by a weekend in Tahoe, so it was really hard to be complaint and I just sort of gave up. Plus, Hulk was going to do it with me, but then I found out he was still drinking his protein shakes and going to happy hour, so he wasn’t really committed. So I dropped the ball a few days, and am getting ready again for next week, so I have time to meal plan and prep over the weekend. If you don’t plan, it’s a million times harder to do it from my experience.

I’m tracking my goals in my notebook, giving myself green checks for days I did what I said I would do, and red checks for days that don’t count toward my goals. I’m by no means perfect, but at least it gets my head in the game.

How about you? Do you set monthly goals? Or do you think it’s stupid? What are your goals this July?

5 thoughts on “July Goals! Let’s Get Started

  1. I used to set goals but they would never happen on time and I would get anxiety sooo I stopped doing that, ha. If I had one, it would probably be drink more water. I do a lot in the morning and it totally slips in the early evening.

    • Half of my goals I never finish. I just like the “new project!” feeling of putting a plan together. Water is a hard one; you’d think it would be easier because you, like, need it to survive and stuff.

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