Food Truck Fantasies

Okay! Dishes are done, the kiddo is in bed (well, at least in his room with the lights off), and I finally have a moment to actually sit down and compose a post at my computer! Wow, I’m not sure how to handle this not-blogging-from-my-iPhone thing. Weird.

I was super tired today, thanks to the last couple nights in a row being late ones for various social reasons. Plus, I was at work earlier this morning because I carpooled in with Hulk, and he had to be at his office early. So I made a mid-morning Starbucks run.


Just a coffee with some ice, to bring it down to sub-volcano temperature.

I was going to eat a lunch I packed, but then one of my coworkers said the magic words, “food trucks!” Um, yes. I will partake in the food truck assembly at the San Carlos Airport museum again.


I had KoJo again, this time the chicken. I really wasn’t feeling into the spare ribs today.


You know it’s legit food truck when you eat it sitting on the curb.

And a coconut juice, which I stupidly thought was coconut water. At least it had chunks of coconut in it, along with all the added sweeteners.


After all that food truck fare, I was super in the mood to work out after I got home. I did a furious and sweaty 40 minutes on the elliptical in “hill” mode.


Sweaty dork gym pic.

After the gym, I rummaged in the fridge for some dinner fare. Wow, we really need to go shopping. But I had a surge of inspiration and made fried zucchini with sauteed tomatos and scrambled eggs.



That hit the spot.

Time for this night owl to go to bed, I have another early day tomorrow!


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