Baby v2.0 Update, Week 22

Well, I’ve done sort if a crappy job with baby updates. I just never know what to say besides, “hey, I’m still pregnant! High five!” But for posterity’s sake, I want to try and remember some if these detail before they are forever forgotten between my naturally poor memory, preggo brain, and repeated late-night nursing. So, here’s a scoop on the latest baby happenings:

Week 22

Baby size: around 11 oz and 7 inches, apparently the size of a banana, but that is pretty objective depending on where you get your bananas. Conventional bananas from Safeway are ginormous and about the size of full-term babies individually. So we’ll go with a crunchy-hippie-health food section-sized organic banana.

Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions started a couple weeks ago. Those are light, fake contractions the uterus uses to tone and prep for delivery. Those are fun. Also some side ligament pain as everything stretched out. That’s fun too. Surprisingly, I’m not as emotional as I was a couple months ago. Partly because some of my crazy life stuff is starting to settle, and partly because I’m just trying to consciously relax more. Planning everything is both a blessing and a curse.

Food Cravings/Aversions: none, really. Well, I crave sugar/carbs constantly, but I am fairly certain that’s just my natural state and not baby influence. I really do enjoy fresh fruit and veggies more than before, though. That might just be my resolve to try and eat healthier and also not baby, either.

Weight gain: I think around 15 lbs so far, but some of that is from my carb free-fall the first trimester. I definitely started showing food baby bump before real baby bump.


(okay, this was from two weeks ago. But you get the idea)

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been in maternity pants for a few weeks now. They are just more comfortable when riding my bike to work. I just started breaking into my maternity tops, but most if my looser regular shirts can still handle the bump.

Baby Kicks: These started right before my 20-week ultrasound. I usually feel her stir about 2-3 times a day. Last night I was pretty sure she was having a dance party in there.

Other Thoughts:

I’m firmly in the 2nd trimester, when baby growth and weight gain are supposed to start to pick up. Fun, I’m already having a hard time putting my shoes on.

I’m modifying workouts like crazy. I just finished the Summer Shape-Up, and I pretty much had to modify all jumping and core work. I’m not comfortable doing planks and sit-ups, so I did side planks on my knees for most of it. I’m actually in pretty lousy shape so it was good to do something challenging.

I don’t know if a lot of other moms get this, I didn’t so much the first time around, but I’m battling some really frustrating body image issues. I feel so fat and out of shape. I’m sure that’s mostly because I was in pretty good shape when I got pregnant with Squish, and now just carrying groceries home is winding me. I’ve went up a size in clothes, and not because of the bump. Sure, I’m all making a baby and should cut myself some slack, but I’m worried about after the baby, and what an uphill battle it’ll be to get back to a place where I feel good again. I shouldn’t worry about it, but I do. Because I’m perfect and superhuman and the things that plague and bother normal people shouldn’t affect me.

Other than that, things have been going as expected, maybe better than expected. I am definitely happy to have the 1st trimester pukey-ness behind me! Now on to having the baby, so I can drink wine again. I miss wine.

3 thoughts on “Baby v2.0 Update, Week 22

  1. All prayers and good thoughts for total health and recovery. Adapting your training is going to pay off for both of you. You’ll come back, and perhaps find some new level of capability you had not known before. Give yourself time and the right biomechanics to recover from the changes, and pay special attention to getting and staying aligned, strong, and balanced – maybe Pilates, very slow, very precise. You look great, BTW.

  2. I’m a little late here (catch up!) but hello, you are not out of shape! The fact that you did the SSU… and you BIKE to work! I know it’s easy to compare yourself to other people or whatever… but you are pregnant and still working out. I consider that a big win 🙂

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