Weekend Shenanigans

Ahh! It’s Monday already? I totally slept through my alarm this morning, thinking it must only be Sunday. Maybe if I believed it enough, it would happen, right? Eh, well. It was worth a shot.

Today is Day 1 of Whole30 reset. I spent a ton o’ time yesterday getting all my food prepped and planned, so this morning whipping up a veggie scramble was a breeze.



Eggs with zucchini and mushrooms, some olives, and a cup o’ blueberries, because I have no room in the fridge to fit in the blueberry carton and I’m afraid they’ll go bad really fast sitting on the counter.

I had a busy weekend. Friday night Hulk and I went out! We met some friends at John Foley’s Irish pub, where they do dueling pianos on Friday nights. If you have the opportunity to see a dueling piano show, go. They are hilarious and very entertaining. In a dueling piano show, there are two piano players on separate pianos. They play songs on request, and when you request a song you include a tip amount. The song with the highest tip amount is played next, and if a song with a higher tip comes in when your song is playing, the new song trumps your song. And if they’re playing a horrible song you don’t like, you can give them money to stop playing it. A good “tipping war” broke out when they had two $20 rap songs – “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Just a Friend.” People kept throwing money for their favorite and the pianist kept switching back and forth as soon as the scales tipped in the other song’s favor. It was crazy. Anyway, the pianists also banter and hassle each other and the bar patrons, and it’s always a pretty good show.


Saturday I went on a quick run. I really wasn’t feeling it; maybe my time to hang up my running shoes has come (noooooooo!). But I made it a little over two miles out to the Ferry Building and back, with walk breaks peppered in between good stretches of running.


And a chrome Aston Martin. Because if you have enough money for an Aston Martin, why not make it chrome?



Squish and I went on a date Sunday morning. We were both up early, so we decided to hit up the playground and get some breakfast. It’s been so humid and foggy in the mornings, the playground equipment was all damp. We left with some pretty wet butts from the slides. But nothing that a trip to La Boulange can’t cure.



Time to start a busy week. Five days and then we go to San Diego for a family vacation! Next week is going to be sooooo fun!