Oh Heyyy! [WIAW #7]

I thought is break out of my radio silence with a What I Ate Wednesday Link-Up. It’s been a flurry of activity the past two weeks. Travel, earthquakes, and lots of baby- and Squishy-related activity have peppered the calendar. More about all that later so I can catch ya up, but for now, the Wednesday’s eats:

Whole milk latte while waiting for my train:


Plus a blueberry bagel with cream cheese while on said train:


At work I needed another pick-me-up. Nespresso American with a splash of milk, to the rescue!


Then I responsibly snacked on an almost-ripe pear,


Before digging into a plate of nachos bigger than my head for lunch.


Side note, did you know there are mobile nail salons? How awesome is that!


We were invited to share a pot roast dinner with our neighbor. I completely forgot I was doing a WIAW, so there are no photos of the delicious pot roast and arugula salad we had. It was delectable.

And that’s it. Thank you again to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

Another Random Day

Good morning! I’ve been sick this week, so I’ve been foregoing posting in favor of extra naps. I’m sure you support this decision, and #bringingnapback.

Sunday I participated in a birthday party for one of my besties. It was a “derby-style” theme at Iron Horse Winery. They make some fantastic bubbly, btw. Anyway, we all got to wear pretty dresses and hats. I love pretty dresses and hats. Sometimes in my darkest hours I curse Jackie Kennedy for encouraging hats to go out of style for ladies. I don’t know f this is an accurate historical reference or not, but somewhere I heard that ladies wore hats until Jackie O became a fashion icon and didn’t seem to care for them. So now we don’t do hats, and my bad hair days are that much more difficult as a result. Whatever, look, cupcakes!


Yes, the cupcakes are wearing hats, too. I picked the pink sparkly one, which we dubbed the “princess” cupcake. Seemed appropriate.



Like I said, I’ve been sick. Nothing life-threatening, just a summer cold. Which just should not happen, but I have been burning the candle at both ends lately. A friend recommended I drink tea made of garlic, or one of turmeric and honey. So Hulk, being a dutiful husband, made me a garlic-tumeric-honey tea. And I was desperate enough to attempt to escape my symptoms so I drank it.


It was surprisingly not horrible. I think he used lots of honey.

Squish really likes “popcorn and movie” nights. Can’t handle the cute.


I’ve had early meetings this week. Which means I need to take the early train in, and have discovered it’s now DARK outside in the morning again. Wtf? I forgot that, you know, summer eventually goes away. I love bright and early mornings. Well, no matter, soon Daylight Savings will be back to disrupt the natural order of things again, and I’ll complain a lot about it since I have absolutely no control over it. Yet another reason to move to Arizona. That makes one.


Time to go and try to be awesome in spite of sniffles. Make it a great day!

Vacation Mode is Over

What, it’s Monday already? The weekend sure went by fast, despite the whole vacation thing last week. I’m definitely still in vacation mode over here.

I had to get to work super early this morning (so much for “vacation mode”), so I snacked once I got to work on a leftover apple and Justin’s Almond Butter packet.


And lots of tea. I have a bit of a sore throat, and some black tea with honey felt soothing.


All gone!

After a couple hours I was feeling snacky, so when some of my desk buddies suggested heading to the cafe across the street, I tagged along for a coffee and a blueberry muffin.


Maybe I should make “Muffin Mondays” a thing? It’s just the right kind of pick-me-up to start off the work week.

Also, put in copious amounts of half and half and cinnamon in my americano. This is the right way to do it, I tell ya.


It’s like angels dancing in my mouth.

Lunch was an Italian sandwich, pop chips, and water. I didn’t take a picture because I was eating through a lunch meeting with other people and it was weird. Okay, and I forgot. You caught me.

When I got home, Hulk and I met a new friend at La Boulanger for dinner. I had the warm goat cheese salad, and a few pickles from their condiment bar. Again, dining with a new friend made picture taking weird. And I forgot again. Ha.

I decided to take a rest day, since I didn’t have much time after dinner and I’m still feeling sick from the weekend. Sore throat and kind of cold-y should NOT be happening in August, but, well, here we are.

Anyway, those are the updates from today. Exciting, I know. Hope you had a most wonderful day!

The Road to Napa

Good morning! I’m spending the weekend up in Napa hanging out at my sister’s place. We made smoothies and watched a lot of Star Trek: TNG. #nerd

And in the bit we’re going to hit up the gym.

Yesterday before trekking up to Napa I started with a hearty weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon, and blueberries.

Squish, as always, was a fan.

After breakfast, I ran some errands and picked up an iced latte on the way home. I got some really cute stuff I need to share!

I got a craving for deviled eggs yesterday, but never got further than boiling some hard boiled eggs. I decided to finish up the process for lunch. I mixed the yolks with a spat of mayo and mustard, then scooped the yolk mix into a ziploc bag to squirt back into the egg whites. Then I dusted with paprika, because that’s what I think you do.

Yeah, so, I make ugly food. At least they tasted amazing. Then I suited up for the gym. I didn’t really work out all week in San Diego, so it felt awesome to throw weights around again.

Sweaty gym bump!

Time to experience the majesty of the gym in Napa. See you later!

Baby v2.0 Week 24 Update

Ooh, I remembered to do a baby update this week! Aren’t we all on top of things lately?

Week 24

Baby size: around 1 1/2 lbs and about 9 in long. She’s getting so big!


Swelling feet/ankles! Ahh! I noticed it when I was doing the air travel thing, but now it’s sometimes happening as I ride home from work, my feet are simply squished into my shoes. So not cool.

Back pain. Achy, annoying back pain.

LOTS of baby kicks/rolls/pirouettes/late night dance parties. My doctor told me that the placenta is attached to the back of the uterus, meaning the little miss is pillowed right in front, where I have more nerves and receptors for sensation, so I feel her a lot more frequently than I did when I was pregnant with Squish. She’s kicking out of my belly as I write this. I think she wants to say hi.

Pregnancy brain. It’s awful. I’m impressed I still have a job; I have to write down EVERYTHING.

My belly has firmly popped, and getting itchy. I’m slathering on the L’Occtaine Supple Skin Oil all the time. It’s what I used before with Squish, and I had zero stretch marks, so it works. Or maybe I’m lucky. One or the other.


Food Cravings/Aversions: They’ve suddenly started! Last week in SoCal, I had absolutely no appetite for red meat or chicken. I had some fish, but mostly all I wanted were veggies. Which was awesome, because my brother-in-law’s garden was bumping with fresh, home-grown zucchini and tomatoes. I think I may have cleaned them out.

Weight gain: I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I’m estimating around 15-20 lbs given how big my belly’s gotten, and how much my stretch pants seem to stretch more now. I’m slowly getting by the whole “feeling self conscious about my size” thing; it’s hard because I don’t feel like I can do much about it. I need to gain weight, you know? But I don’t want to gain the WRONG kind of weight (the kind that comes from cookies and not baby). And I did go up a clothing size compared to where I’ve been before. Some of my old maternity clothes are a stretch to fit in, which was a bit of a blow. But, I keep reminding myself that this is temporary, and the last time in my life where I get to dedicate my life to making humans and all that miracle crap. So, it’s getting better, mentally.

Maternity Clothes: Hulk took me on a shopping spree last week for new clothes! Such a sweetie. I was struggling to get dressed for work in the morning with stuff that was professional-looking but still comfortable, so he helped me pick out some cute stuff at Macy’s. They were also having a killer buy one, get one 1/2 off sale, which made both of us happy!

Other Thoughts:

I keep going back and forth between, “Will she just get here already! I want to meet her!” and “Holy crap, two kids, what were we thinking? Take all the time you need, little girl!” I’m also wondering how Squish will handle the transition from only child to big brother. He’s a pretty sweet kid, quite gentle for a little boy and always wanting to “help,” so I’m hoping he takes to his new sister in stride. I expect he’ll kind of ignore her until she becomes interesting, and then the sibling rivalry shall commence. I’m thinking about placing bets with Hulk on how old the kids will be the first time we hear, “Mom, she’s touching me!” or “Dad, he’s LOOKING at me!” or something similar.

That’s the dump for now. Time to go eat something. Because that is what I do these days.



August Goals

Okay, so, how is it August already? That means summer is nearly over, and Baby v2.0 is going to make her squishy baby-like appearance in just a few short months. Eek! Time can just slow down a bit, that would be completely all right with me.

These days, I’m staring at the end of my second trimester, big projects at work, and the usual triumphs and battles on the home front. My focus this August is to just keep maintaining what I’m doing well, and to get in the habit of tracking and keeping accountable for what I said I’d do. So for my August goals, I plan on keeping them simple and setting the groundwork for handling the future unavoidable craziness ahead. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Work out 4 days a week
  2. Daily blog post
  3. Sleep/nap more – 8 hours/night

Work out 4 Days a Week

Last month I thought I could fit in 5 days a week at the gym, and it didn’t happen. Some days I just lack the energy, others are too busy. So I’ll work on finding a “sweet spot” where I can get into a consistent routine that doesn’t stress or burn me out. At this point, any progress is still progress!

I think it would help if I had a fitness goal to work for, like a race, but since I’m going to pop a kid out in a few short months all I really want to focus on is to be ready for D-Day and make sure I can physically handle it. I’ve been to this rodeo once, and know it’s a doozy!

Daily Blog Post

I really, really want to keep track and be accountable with my food and fitness, but it’s so easy for me to blow off a post for tomorrow, or not discuss the fudge brownie sundae I made last night (it was totally delicious, btw). I need to be more transparent and honest with what I’m doing, for me, so I can see the patterns and know what needs to be tweaked. It’s so easy to miss the forest for the trees when it comes to the daily stuff. A treat here, a skipped workout there, they don’t really matter. Until it’s routine, but by then it’s now a problem and so hard to get back into it. That’s where I feel I am, and by documenting my food and workouts I aim to give myself a good 360-degree look at where I stand today so I can improve. I’ve got nothing but love and good vibes for me on this adventure!

Sleep/nap more (8 hrs/night)

I have been horrible about sleep lately. Mostly because I’m trying too hard to stay up late with Hulk and friends. It’s hard to be an early bird when you’re surrounded by night owls. But it’s also hard to get to work by 8am when you’ve been staying up watching Nurse Jackie and drinking scotch until midnight (okay, maybe not the drinking scotch. That’s what the boys were doing. But you know). I need to put my sleep as a priority again, before a certain little miss makes her debut and insists on reprioritizing it for me!

I feel that this is a way more manageable list than what I accomplished last month; it’s enough to make it a challenge, but not adding so many new habits that I get overwhelmed and can’t fit them into my lifestyle. By always focusing on making things better, I can build the habit of continuous self-improvement, if nothing else works 🙂

What are your August goals? Or if you aren’t a goal-setter, what’s your biggest pet peeve (besides people who set goals?)