The Road to Napa

Good morning! I’m spending the weekend up in Napa hanging out at my sister’s place. We made smoothies and watched a lot of Star Trek: TNG. #nerd

And in the bit we’re going to hit up the gym.

Yesterday before trekking up to Napa I started with a hearty weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon, and blueberries.

Squish, as always, was a fan.

After breakfast, I ran some errands and picked up an iced latte on the way home. I got some really cute stuff I need to share!

I got a craving for deviled eggs yesterday, but never got further than boiling some hard boiled eggs. I decided to finish up the process for lunch. I mixed the yolks with a spat of mayo and mustard, then scooped the yolk mix into a ziploc bag to squirt back into the egg whites. Then I dusted with paprika, because that’s what I think you do.

Yeah, so, I make ugly food. At least they tasted amazing. Then I suited up for the gym. I didn’t really work out all week in San Diego, so it felt awesome to throw weights around again.

Sweaty gym bump!

Time to experience the majesty of the gym in Napa. See you later!

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