Baby Steps

Lately I’ve been reminding myself that it’s okay to feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon, and it’s not possible to be perfect all the time. I’ve been having all kinds of minor health symptoms that are indicative to the way I’ve chosen to eat over the last few months (lots of refined carbs, take-out food, and few veggies) and it is starting to catch up with me. And that’s okay. It’s not permanent. It’s not forever. But the thought of doing a 180 and eating squeaky clean was daunting. Super clean eating takes time and prep, and I am not particularly motivated to jump into that wagon just yet. But I can take baby steps.

I can have a scone and latte for breakfast while I blast out to catch my train,



But follow it up with a “salad in a feeding trough” for lunch.


This is my most favorite salad ever, by the way: mixed baby greens and spinach, tuna, egg, bell pepper, and goat cheese with olive oil.

I’m not eating perfect, but I really don’t want to be right now. It sound stupid, but it stresses me out. I’d rather just feel free to eat what I want rather than be stuck with “can eat” and “can’t eat” lists. When I’m less pregnant and there’s less going on with life I know I can buckle down again if I so choose. But for now, I’m enjoying my mini vacation from food dogma and just rolling with life. Plus, this way I stress less and can sleep more, which is always a good thing.

And for funsies, I found this on Facebook and texted it to almost everyone I knew yesterday. Doesn’t it get you all fired up for a new day?


Make it a great day, kids.