I Made a Recipe I Pinned on Pinterest

I forgot to mention the best “healthy” chocolate pudding recipe ever. I stumbled across the Avocado Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe from The Fitnessista last week and, realizing that my avocados were dying a slow neglected death in the fruit bowl, pinned the recipe to try out. And get this, kids: I actually made a recipe I pinned on Pinterest. I know, right? I’ll let you marvel at that wonder while I tell you about this pudding.

I loved that it only has a few ingredients: avocado, chia seeds, cocoa powder, almond milk, honey (or your favorite sweetener), cinnamon, and love. I swapped the almond milk with our disgusting antibiotic-ridden conventional cow’s milk because that’s what we buy. I made the first “test batch” Friday night when Squish and I were feeling snacky. It’s totally enough for one grownup-size serving and one Squishy-size serving. With the avocado it gets really rich, so even though it’s marketed as a “dessert for one” I would recommend finding a friend. Or a small friend if you’re greedy and want the larger portion, as I do.

Anyway, here’s Squish’s bowl. I topped it with crushed nuts and coconut because it’s fancy and I like the crunch.

Yeah, Gina’s pictures are way better than mine. When I have a late-night chocolate craving and a toddler by my side jumping around yelling, “pudding! Pudding!” I have no patience to even fake good photography. You should just go to her site and check it out.

Other news on the food front, yesterday I had a pumpkin cream cheese muffin on the train for breakfast. It got a little smooshed in my backpack. It was more like a pumpkin cream cheese muffin puck.

At work I had second breakfast of an english muffin with peanut butter and jelly, and an orange.


We’ve had those oranges in the employee kitchen for a couple of weeks now. Oranges just don’t die.

Lunch was unusual. I wasn’t particularly craving anything, so I opted for lazy and went to the deli downstairs. My new rule if I don’t crave a certain thing is to choose the healthiest option available, so I grabbed a salad. And I found out they have kombucha for sale. This, I tell you, is a life-changer and I am going to spend so much money on kombucha.


I’d never had the Mystic Mango flavor of GT’s kombucha before, and although it was tasty there was a lot of mango puree that sort of got sludgy. I probably won’t buy it again for texture alone.

Then I saw that they had loaded baked potatoes, and went for it. Potato craving satisfied.


My feet were getting rather puffy and swollen after work, and I was feeling sort of blah. So I skipped walking to the train station and took the shuttle instead. Which ended up being a fabulous idea. While I waited on the bench for the shuttle, I stuck my feet in the grass. It’s good to stay grounded when you can.


Ohh, puffy preggo legs.

Another exciting development, I made dinner! I was actually conscious and on my feet long enough when I returned home from work to make dinner. All I did was throw some Aidells chicken apple sausage, bell peppers, and onions in a pan with some butter. Then I ate it at the computer with Squish in my lap. Because that’s how we do it around here. And then I went to bed.

Have you ever successfully made a recipe or craft from Pinterest? Or is Pinterest dumb and not your thing?