How Housework is Hazardous For Your Health

We have some friends coming into town today to stay with us for a few days, so last night I decided to get all motivated and tidy up the apartment a bit. You know, to give them an impression that we’re not complete slobs, which we are. Somewhere in between vacuuming the living area and scrubbing toilets I threw my back out. So now I don’t think our apartment will ever be clean again until after the little miss is born. Ugh, who knew cleaning could be so bad for your health?

Anyway, I grabbed breakfast at the cafe downstairs from my office. I’ve been trying to get into the office a little earlier lately since I’m pretty much useless by 4:00 pm. So I’ve been taking the 6:44 train and damn is that early. Plus, if I start crashing around in the kitchen to make breakfast in the morning, I’ll wake Squish up and then I have to add getting Squish ready to the day into my list of morning activities, which never fails to make me miss my train. So I’ve been doing breakfast at coffee shops or at work lately. Meh, it’s working for my schedule, less stress, and temporary, so I figure it weighs out against being less healthy and expensive.


Sausage, egg, and cheese on a toasted english muffin and coffee. There was another coffee downed sometime in the morning, too.

For lunch the coworkers wanted to herd over to Una Mas, so I decided to be “healthy” and order the Margarita salad with chicken.


Never again. Ugh, this was a disappointing salad. It was all lettuce with a little salsa dumped on top. The best part was the surprise tostada I found under the copious amounts of romaine lettuce that was all freshly fried and cripsy. Lesson learned; if I’m doing a salad in the future, I’m making it myself.

Also, work got a new Costco food order in, and they included little cups of grapefruit. This was so a hit-the-spot afternoon snack. This will be a thing until they’re gone.




Dinner was once again onions, bell peppers, and Aidells chicken apple sausage fried together. And once again eaten with a toddler in my lap. Hulk had a work dinner, so it was just the kiddo and me. He offered to wash the floor after I threw my back out, and did a pretty decent job of it for a two year old. I am so happy that I’m procreating domestic slave laborers. I’m hoping his sister is as big of a sucker for housework as Squish is.

I’m not too sure what to do about my back. It’s my lower back, and feels like a strain. Of course, duh, I should take it easy and, like, not make it worse, but I’m hoping it’s just a little muscle thing that can spring back in a couple weeks and not something I’m going to be dealing with until the end of time. It’s nice to dream, isn’t it? Hulk has a bum back too, but the stretches he does to relieve it aren’t something I can do with my belly right now. So I’ll just pop some Tylenol, dig out the heating pad, and take a mini vacation from doing anything productive that requires physical activity. This might not be a bad thing, really.

That’s it for now, make it a great day, kids!