Baby Update: Week 31

We are now firmly careening down into the third trimester! It’s getting real, yo. It’s like as soon as week 28 came, a freight truck filled with new symptoms hit me. So long to the energetic, “easy” second trimester. Mmm, that was nice. It’s nothing but weight gain and swollen feet from here on out!


Headaches I’ve noticed more unexplained headaches lately. I’ve had my coffee, I’ve drank a gallon of water, so it’s not withdrawl or dehydration. Just annoying.

Baby Kicks: Yay! Such fun. She loves to move it at all hours of the day. I like poking my belly back and tormenting her. At my last appointment I found she’s sitting head-up. My doctor said she wasn’t worried about it yet since there’s plenty of time for her to flip down (and back up again, if she’s a punk like her momma) so I’m having fun poking at the hard spot under my ribs that’s her head and going, “knock knock!” I do the same to Squish, so she’s better get used to it now.

Back/Belly Aches: The pain from straining my back a couple weeks ago seems to have receded but I’ve still had a continuous ache in my lower back. It’s more of a twinge than a full-on pain, so it’s just enough to keep me worried and annoyed. The prenatal yoga seems to help, along with doing some light stretching at night and making sure to use pillows or my snuggle to prop everything up when I sleep on my side. My belly is getting really achy too. Not only is she running out of room pretty quick, but all of the ligament pain and stretching of everything makes it achy too. Plus, every now and then she decides to ram a foot or elbow right out the side of my belly like she’s trying to bust out the wrong way. It happened on the plane the other day, and I thought I was going to bruise it was so painful. If physical discomfort to mom is indicative of the child’s personality in life, she is going to be a handful.

Edema: My feet swell like crazy, especially after sitting at work all day. I try to remember to get up and walk frequently, but some days my schedule just doesn’t allow for that. Coming home on the plane last week, I had legit cankles with creases, my feet were swollen so badly. It wasn’t until later the next day they went back down to normal size.

IMG 6869


I’m not running. I’ve given up intense stuff for good ol’ walking, mostly over my lunch break at work or to the train station in my evening commute if I’m feeling up for it. I lift light weights maybe once a week, but mostly focus on bodyweight stuff like squats and push-ups. And I’ve been going to prenatal yoga, which is heavenly! But for the most part, physical activity just completely wipes me out. After a walk or even a shopping trip, I need to lay down for a while. So I’ve been trying to put my workouts in the evenings when I’m tired anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Other Randoms

Cravings: Lately I’m still on this ALL THE VEGGIES kick. Meat’s okay, but I’m just not that into it. When I’m home my favorite snack is starting to become a big bowl of frozen mixed veggies, microwaved with butter and salt. Quick and easy.

Life Stuff: We’re still house hunting, so the move date is still up in the air. We’ve expanded our search to the west side of the city, out in the Avenues or Sunset. I still have freeway access to get to work there, and there are a lot more options for what we’re looking for. I’m still holding out for the perfect fixer-upper in Bernal Heights, though.

In the next few weeks I’ll start looking on Craigslist for the baby essentials we need, which all I can think of right now is a carseat and a bassinet. Since we don’t have much room and I don’t know when we’ll move, I’m keeping to a minimalist philosophy. Besides, since Squish arrived early and we had NOTHING for baby (I had to call my sister from the hospital and ask her to pick up some diapers and stuff on her way to visit), I want to be a little more prepared this time, but knowing that whatever we don’t have we’ll figure out when the time comes.

I’m planning on getting a super-duper econo-grade breast pump since I will most likely still be traveling when I go back to work. I still have my Medela Freestyle from when Squish was little which did great (especially in the early days when I was too chicken to breastfeed and just pumped exclusively for about 3 months), but I think that a legit hospital-grade one will be a better workhorse for all the pump-heavy travel weeks. Athena from Fit Life Balance wrote a guest post on Carrots ‘n’ Cake about pumping while traveling, and I about cried tears of happiness to read about her tips and, most importantly, that it can and has been done before. So that little worry is off my shoulders.

My only big “irrational” worry left is the same one I had before with Squish, and is most likely a common point of anxiety among working moms – what if I go into labor at work? I really don’t want to go into labor at work. I lucked out with Squish as he decided to come in the middle of the night, with my water breaking at midnight hours before contractions started. But it came as a total surprise and I had meetings an stuff planned for the next day. I had to email my boss from the hospital saying, “Um, so, my leave starts now. Here are the files I’m working on. See you in a couple months!” If I was at work when my water broke it would have been even more dramatic since my commute to home was an hour. This time around, my commute is slightly shorter, but I’m dependent on the train schedule. So I’ve had nightmares of my water breaking at work and having to ride a local train for an hour into the city during contractions. I’ve talked to my boss about it and my company is being super nice and flexible in the days leading up to my leave. They’ve offered me a week of working from home and some extra vacation time in the last days coming up to my due date. But I don’t want to run out of vacation and have to go on leave early just to twiddle my thumbs for days waiting for the big show. Nor do I want to underestimate how soon she’ll arrive and be at work when it happens. Why can’t I have one of those turkey timer things, where the little red button pops up when she’s done? That would make things easier.

That’s all for the baby stuff now. Time to eat and sleep. The third trimester is rather the Garfield the Cat of all the trimesters, I believe.

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