What Dreams are Made Of

Yesterday I made my last trek from San Francisco to Pittsburgh for the year. I expect I’ll be back out in January (oh boy, winter!) but until then I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed consistently. Normally my hotel has a pretty comfy bed, but either my sleeping needs have changed or they gave me a room with a wonky bed, but last night I just couldn’t get comfortable.

But the day started out bright and happy. I picked up some Starbucks on my way to BART. Nothing like some gourmet Starbucks oatmeal on a bench in a downtown BART station. Not sketchy at all.


They’ll put blueberries in your oatmeal now. Score.

I was still hungry on the plane, so I ordered a breakfast.


For my connection, it was coffee time. Those little Biscoff cookies that Delta serves are best when dunked in coffee. Just sayin’.


On my layover in Detroit, I had about 20 minutes to grab dinner before my next flight, so I decided to stop at the first place I came across while headed to my gate. And that place was Popeye’s. Some of my friends were lamenting about the lack of a KFC in downtown San Francisco the other day, and it got chicken on my brain so I grabbed chicken strips and cole slaw. Popeye’s biscuits aren’t as good as KFC’s (in my opinion), but the chicken was pretty tasty. Gotta have it with spicy mustard.


So I shoved fast food in my face all day then wondered why I had a crappy night of sleep. The end.

But hey, I now have Gold status for both Delta and Marriott! My dreams have now became reality. This is my free upgrades dance: *dance dance dance.* Hulk had to congratulate me.

Now I’m going to get some of them fancy luggage tags in the mail so everyone knows that I am a very important traveler. It’s all about letting people know that you are more important than them, really.

Time to do a little hotel room yoga and head to work! Make it a great day, kids.

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