Some Randoms: Back to Life, Play date Ideas, and Fleet Week

Bah! This morning totally escaped me. I made my train but then got totally sidetracked my shiny work things, and before I knew it, it’s lunch already. Busy days that whiz by are the best, really.

My due date is 6 weeks away. I’m freaking out now. And achy. Very achy.

Speaking of achy, we spent the weekend at some hot springs in Calistoga. It was glorious! I floated in mineral pools all day, and got a water massage. My belly was very happy with me.

Some work breakfast of yogurt, granola, and grapefruit. All the grapefruit.


Also, I’ve been a good girl and have been remembering my reusable coffee cup. It’s silly how I never have it on me. It’s one of those Contigo cups that seal great and don’t spill in your purse, even if they’re sideways and you’re flopping back and forth on the bus. If you are a hard-core commuter, it’s the only travel mug I’d recommend.

I went for a walk after lunch yesterday. I was sort of dreading it since it’s been so hot lately, but in the shade it was a quite pleasant 72 degrees. Look, flowers!


And I’ve missed my Squishy-man. Now that I’m grounded from travel with no more trips or weekend getaways planned for a while I might be able to hang out with him a bit before baby comes and destroys his happy little only child life. On my list of mommy-son experiences is a visit to the pumpkin patch and checking out some train museum that is somewhere in the city. I can’t remember the name of it. But, TRAINS!!


Is Fleet Week soon? Because we passed by an aircraft carrier just chilling on the bay this morning. Complete with planes.


Maybe I’ll add Fleet Week to the play date list. Everyone could use some Blue Angels in their life.

Go make it a great day (afternoon)!

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