The Waiting Game and a Pie Fail

Lately life is a big holding pattern. Waiting to have a baby. Waiting to buy a house. Handing off my work to my colleague so I can take my leave, meaning I’ll soon be waiting to get back to work. It’s hard feeling stuck in one place when all you want to do is move on.

We looked at twelve houses over the weekend. Twelve. We’ve put in offers on two and have already been turned down on both of them. I’ve stopped looking at it from the warm fuzzy ” we’re buying a home for our family!” place and started trying to view it as a business transaction. It’s less irritating and painful that way. Once we actually close on something will I allow myself to get all excited and mentally decorate. San Francisco real estate is nuts.

I had my 34 week doctor appointment last week, and the little miss is still sitting breech (head up, which isn’t ideal). If she hasn’t turned by my next appointment in two weeks, I’ll need to go in for a fetal stress test and assessment to see if she’s a candidate for manual turning. Fortunately I’m a good candidate since I’ve had a baby before so I’m still stretchy and have a “proven” pelvis that works, but we have to make sure the peanut is up for it, that she has enough fluid and the umbilical cord isn’t in a wonky position. As many times a day she kicks my bladder and head-butts my ribs, the least she could do is put some of that energy into a quick somersault.

In less depressing news, the other day there were still baked potatoes available in the downstairs cafe for lunch. Score!


#allthecarbs. I never get baked potatoes unless someone else baked them for me. I’m too lazy otherwise.


Also, I made my first pumpkin pie. I have never made one before. I failed on one of the rules of pie making:
Make sure your filling volume does not exceed your crust capacity. I found out that my filling volume did indeed exceed my crust capacity and spilled pumpkin pie filling all over the place. I salvaged what I could and baked the excess in a separate dish for some good ol’ fashioned crust-less pumpkin pie later on.


I don’t clean while I bake.

And that’s all I have for now. Make it a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game and a Pie Fail

  1. Oh I can totally relate to what you’re saying about house hunting — The #1 rule when looking for a house is NOT to fall in love before you actually know that you’re getting it… I totally did not follow this rule, instantly fell in love with a house, went back to my realtor’s to put in an offer, and found out that the sellers had JUST accepted an offer. Even though the house I did buy is cute and all, I still think about the one I loved & lost! Can’t help myself. Oh and want to talk about nuts? We looked at 27 houses in ONE weekend. Ha! Best of luck in finding a house in SF!! Cali house hunting in general is a bit crazzzzy!

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