Bad Blogger

I’m entering “bad blogger” territory again. After a good few weeks of feeling motivated and like I have so much to gal about, I then get into this major “meh” state where I don’t really feel like I have much worth saying. I talk about food, but really there’s nothing unique or creative about what I’ve been eating lately. Workouts are a long walk during my lunch break, where I get to say hi to the neighboring waterfowl.


I didn’t get hissed at this time taking the picture, so I think the geese are growing accustomed to my unusual obsession with aviary photography.

Last night I stayed up late to help write two more offers on some houses we toured last weekend. Since Hulk still has his San Francisco broker’s license he’s acting as our agent, which is super convenient since he has access to the realtor listings and can contact the seller’s agents directly which speeds up the communication process. But he is out of town this week without access to his files, so I had to actually write up the offers, which was kind of exciting. Let’s hope we get a good one!

This weekend I have a facial and massage scheduled with Massage Envy Spa. I can’t wait! I especially love it when my shoulders go “crunch crunch crunch” and the therapist is like, “you work at a computer, don’t you?” Then I’m hoping to take Squish to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I’m going to find a pumpkin that’s as big as my belly and pose with it next to my belly.

That’s all for me, make it a great day!

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