Home Alone, the Mom Version

Another day, another latte on the Metro.


I am slowly getting back to reality after my mom-cation last week. Hulk was out of town for work, and Squish’s babysitter took him to Sacramento to visit family for the week. So I had the entire apartment all to myself for the first time in I don’t know how long.  I spent it mostly doing this:


… and then binge watching “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix and sleeping. Oh, and I cleaned the whole place in two hours, because there were no humans around me to get in my way. And I had a couple dinner dates with friends. It was nice not having to be responsible for other people for a while. Single people with no kids have no room to complain that they don’t have time. Unless they have real hobbies or charity work or, like, work three jobs or something. But really, when your time is all your own, it’s amazing how much you can do with it. Or squander it, as in my case.

Anyway, everyone came home over the weekend, so it’s back to live in the current normal again. We looked at houses. Again. I’m starting to lose faith that we’ll find something we really like before I go on maternity leave. I think we’ll have to settle for something we can do for now instead of something that we’re really excited about. But at the end of the day, whatever happens will happen and we did the best we could. I just fell in love with the perfect house again, and since the last time I let myself mentally move in only to have our offer turned down, I’m all morose and pining for it. Boo-hoo me, #firstworldproblems.

Speaking of boo, I actually put together a Halloween costume for this year. Squish’s grandma is making his costume and I know what it is, so I decided to theme it up to match what Squish will be going as. Here’s a hint:

download (1)

Too much awesome right there. Can you believe I haven’t seen it yet?

Hope you all had a glorious Fall weekend. Anyone pick up some pumpkins or apples? Go make it a great day!

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