Still Waiting

Well, hello! I’ve been taking it easy lately. Mostly because I’m still pregnant and boring. Still in that “Garfield” phase where all I do is eat and sleep, with some going to work peppered in between naps and meals. I am really ready for this to be done with. But then I’ll have a baby, and there will be no more eat and sleep. Well, for me anyway. Baby will get lots of eat and sleep. I’ll be lucky to remember to throw down a few bites of something before managing to lay down for 10 minutes at a time. Yup, looking forward to going to this rodeo again.

In other news, how adorable was Squish on Halloween?


He was a shark. It’s handy to have a grandma that’s a real theatre costumer. Squish always gets custom-made Halloween costumes. He also did awesome at his first real trick-or-treat experience. We went to Belvedere Street in the Cole Valley neighborhood, and it was a very good idea. They block off the whole street, and it’s basically a block party trick-or-treat free-for-all. Squish figured out pretty quickly that ’twas candy being tossed in his little pumpkin pail. Unlike last year, when he wanted to eat the candy as soon as it was given to him, he was focused on the trick-or-treat experience and preferred to play with all of his candy booty on the Muni ride home instead of eating it all right away.


Don’t worry, the massive sugar consumption commenced once we got home and loaded some random cartoon Halloween special on Netflix. And then we gorged. Yes, I made him share his candy with me.


Saturday was my birthday. Squish learned to sing “Happy Birthday” to me. He still sings to me even though my birthday has passed but I do not bring this up. This way every day is kinda my birthday.

In other blog-related news, I decided to jump on board with BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month, or #nablopomo. The goal is a post a day all through November. Since this is my first November post, I’m doing a swell job already. Meh, as my dad always says, “it’s something to do.”

That’s all for now. Go be awesome and make it a great day. I’ll be sitting here, willing myself to go into labor 🙂

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