Still Pregnant, Working Mom Life, and Other Randoms

I sent this to Hulk the other day.


He said, “Yeah, because that’s my job!” Or maybe I said that for him. I can’t remember. Pregnancy brain FTW.

I had an early work call this morning, and I stupidly decided to take it in the living room because Hulk was still asleep. This is stupid because Squish was most definitely up at that hour. I thought the iPad would be distraction enough to keep him quiet while I was on the call, but I forget the magic excitement of “Mom’s home!!!” trumps all electronic playthings.


Because if Mom’s home, that must mean she’s 100% available to play! She doesn’t do anything else, anyway.

I’m 0 for 3 in getting to my doctor’s appointments on time in the last 3 weeks. There are three buses I can take, and I always seem to pick the one that either has issues or gets delayed. At least it’s still cheaper than driving to the clinic, with gas and parking charges and all.

Speaking of muni, sometimes you find wisdom on the 38 line.


Saw that sticker on a door rail. It’s my new mantra as of late.

Still hanging in there. Go make it a great day!