Cars and Coffee, Trains and Trollys

Hello, and happy new year! I hope your new year has been going as magical as anticipated so far. For New Year’s Eve we hosted our usual rooftop party. Now with two kids, it’s a million times easier to host our own party rather than fuss with babysitters and stuff. And you can’t really beat our view.


The other weekend I took the kids on a mommy-and-me-and-me-too date. I found out there was a car show nearby, and thought Squish would have a good time looking at the cars and trying to find “the red one.”


It was a good crash course in me wrangling both kids by myself. We took the Muni Metro (the SF subway/light rail) to the Embarcadero, since the pier that was hosting the event was a bit far for little legs to hike to. Always fun to bring an infant and an overexcited preschooler on public transit, let me tell you. But Squish was pumped that I threw in a “train ride” to our outing, so it was all good.

Since I like pretending that I can easily cart two kids around the city, we also recently hit up two train museums in the city, the San Francisco Railway Museum and the Randall House which hosts the San Francisco model train organization. Despite getting about 1,000,000 wooden train track sets for Christmas and his birthday, Squish was all over the wooden model train set at the Randall House.


He also thought the life-size model trolly car at the Railway Museum was cool too. Fortunately he didn’t ask why we don’t have one of those at home.


This is the pose I get when I ask him for a picture. Fabulousness is not lost in this family.


But some beg to differ.

I’m slowly digging myself out of the depths of postpartum. My “baby blues” seemed to take a turn toward more than just feeling a little weepy, so at my six week checkup my doctor indicated that I may have postpartum depression. I’m not really sure what that means or how much I want to talk about it yet, but now I totally get that episode of “Scrubs” where Carla went all MIA after her baby was born and was found at the mall with a Gap employment application. Only in my world, it would be Starbucks. Anyway, I thought that some pictures of cute kids having fun would be a good palate cleanser before I start going into all the post-baby stuff. It kind of goes hand in hand.

Until next time, make it a great day.


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