About Coffee

One thing I am foolishly taking advantage of postpartum is coffee. All the coffee.


So much coffee.

(The new Keurig machine at work!)

Especially since I’m averaging about five hours of sleep with going back to work.


I tried to keep my caffeination under two cups a day while pregnant. Now the floodgates have opened, and I am probably averaging around four. Two in the morning at home while getting ready for work, one at work, and one in the afternoon or even evening when I get home to make it to bedtime. I have no problem falling asleep like a rock despite knowing I’ll be up in a couple of hours for the little miss’s midnight munchies anyway. We are operating on a “survival” mentality over optimal these days.

One of my most favorite places for coffee is Flying Goat Coffee, or as we affectionately call it, “the Goat.” I consider it also a verb, as in “to Goat it.” I shall ask, “Would you like to Goat it today?” If I wanted to invite you to join me in a delectable cup of coffee. Anyway, I was able to visit the Goat in Healdsburg this week since I was up there for a dentist appointment. I used to work in this quaint wine country town a few years ago, and it is always nice to step back into the nostalgia of a past life.


The Goat now offers a single-cup pour over, which to me is always superior to the standard drip


Hulk and I were taking pictures of the pour over station like a couple of idiots, but the barista was nonplussed about it.

And now a squishy baby picture.


I’m still trying to capture her “can’t even” face. She has the most naturally panicked-about-life look I’ve ever seen on a baby. Maybe it’s the coffee?

Happy Friday to you. Make it a great day!

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