What Mondays are About

Woot! It’s Monday! Happy Monday to you!


Why am I so pumped for a Monday? It could be the awesome C25K run I did this morning. Hooray for urban running!


It could also be that I started a Whole30 yesterday, and not only did I manage to get through yesterday and pack my food for work today, but I also finally made mayo that I didn’t f*** up!


Not exactly a Pinterest-worthy photo, but I leave those to the bloggers that are, like, professional and stuff.

Anyway, I am embarking on another Whole30 mostly to see if I can finally get through another one! Since my first one back in January 2013 (good lord, where does the time go?!?) I haven’t been able to stick one out. Might have something to do with job changes, babies, and all that pesky life stuff 😉. 

But my friend Katie wanted to start one with me in January, but I started for like two days then bailed. I just wasn’t prepared and committed. She approached me again last week saying, dude, we really need to do this, then Amber at Busy, Bold, Blessed was like hey, I’m starting one Monday you should join, and so now I have enough peer pressure to make bad decisions, I mean, wise health choices.

Anyway, I’m going to chronicle my daily eats on Twitter rather than blast all of my social media channels with tons of pictures of hard boiled eggs and my favorite ground beef hash. If you don’t care, don’t follow me on Twitter. Your welcome. (And if you care, follow me @emilyrocksroad !)

Anyway, I’m feeling super stoked about the day, the next 30 days, and life in general. Because that’s what Mondays should be about!

Go make it a great day!


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