Quick Update in Between Pranks

Hello, and happy April Fools’ Day! Did you get pranked? I did, and I sort of expect more. I’m not a pranker but I’m a great prankee. I’m full of good ideas, but lack execution.

Anyway, this will be a quick one because I have, like five minutes on the train until my stop.

I went for another run this morning.


Almost halfway to doing a full 5k! Doing my internal happy dance about this.

Yesterday I started a Spitfire Athlete training program on my app. I’m doing the beginning strength training for beginners because, duh, I’ve been consistently away from the weight room long enough that I feel like a beginner. but I’m pumped to start pumping the iron again. Lift heavy things.

Whole30 is actually rocking this time! I’m taking it one meal at a time, and the morning workouts are keeping me super committed to waking up early enough for food prep. Of course, I’m only getting about 6 hours of interruped sleep now and totally crashed for a  2 1/2 hour nap after work yesterday. Once I get my food/workout routine down I’ll start digging into what I can do about more sleep. It’s hard fitting 30 hours into a 24 hour day 🙂

That’s all I have time for today, make it a great day!

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