Suburban Paradise

What is up? It’s just another beautiful day over here in suburban paradise.

I have too many updates to keep this post any sort of organized. I guess that’s what happens when you take several unplanned, non-consecutive weeks off from blogging. I guess I grossly underestimated how much time getting a puppy and moving across the bay would take on top of regular life stuff.

The good news is that life is slowly normalizing. I find that I do better with a consistent routine that takes out decision making. For some reason this is way easier to do commuting from the ‘burbs. I guess there’s just fewer distractions? 

Okay, now updates. Everyone is doing great. The end.

Olive caught a bear the other day. Security is not just a hobby, but one of her passions.

It was Hulk’s birthday this week. We managed to not burn the place down with birthday candles.

Squish went nuts over the whole birthday thing, especially with cake development. He “helped” me make the classic chocolate birthday cake (absolutely not paleo-fied, I have to draw the line somewhere), and when I broke out the chocolate powder he gushed, “ooh, I’m going to LOVE it!”

Can’t even. His chocolate love is only rivaled by mine.

Other things coming up: our garage gym is in progress. I’m commuting these days with an all-electric car, which is pretty geek-tastic. We are super close to some really nice hiking/biking trails, so I’m getting a ton of long walks in nature done these days. All in all, not bad.

That’s all I have for now. Go make it a great weekend!

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