July Blogging Challenge

It’s hard to put your intentions out there when you’re not confident about them. I’ve decided to attempt to blog every day in July. Since this, July 2, is my first July post you see how well this has worked out so far. But man did July sneak up on me! Wasn’t it just, like, April? Anyway, I keep meaning to post, but whenever I sit down to do it a host of doubts get in the way. What do I talk about in the swarm of ideas in my head? Should I post in the morning or evening? Is this the right time, or should I be doing something else right now? Do I even want to continue blogging?

I get the same overwhelming reaction when I try to do another Whole30. Historically, there’s always been a big one in July and I want to jump on board. So I started yesterday. And ate a pizza today. So, you see how that’s been going for me.

Oh and this? Just my snack from Tuesday. I don’t need a Whole30, really. I’ve got the whole sugar thing under control.

But I can do this. I can pick myself up right now and get back on track with a solid dinner. I’m writing this post right now as I ride home on the train. I’ve got a few self-care activities I want to tackle over the weekend, including a pool date with some besties I’ve penciled in.

Time for some kombucha on the patio. Go make it a great day!


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