An Olive Update

Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s been one of those weeks. Hulk and I took a mini-trip this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and I think we both came back with acute heat exhaustion because we were both pummeled by fevers Tuesday night. That’s what happens when you say, “you know what would be fun? A 2-hour hike in 95 degree weather followed by napping in said 96-degree weather by a pool!” So our household has somewhat resembled the imaginary sequel “Lord of the Flies: Baby Strikes Back.” I’m still feeling like my immune system is playing catch up just in time to get on a plane to visit family this weekend. Stock in Airborne has been acquired and I’m popping it like candy at this point.

Time for an Olive update!

We adopted Olive from the shelter shortly before our move, so that added to the typical moving craziness. So much that I keep forgetting to mention her! To maintain our sanity, Olive has been mostly an outside dog since we moved to the house. 

This arrangement has worked nicely for everyone, as she is allowed to destroy the backyard as much as her little puppy heart wants (no one was really using all of that installed irrigation piping, anyway) and we keep our new rugs relatively dog mess-free. She sleeps inside in her kennel at night, and is just starting to figure out when I say “kennel!” and show her a treat that I want her to go in her kennel and lay down. Hulk and I trade off taking her for short walks around the block, and we are making slow progress. She is either overly exuberant in her false sense of freedom and wants to bolt, or inexplicably terrified of the big, scary world and won’t leave the driveway. It’s a process. But the best part by far is how Olive and Squish interact. Squish absolutely loves our “cute, black, fluffy dog” and Olive thinks Squish is another puppy. They’ll alternate between chasing each other around to rolling on the floor together.  Ohh, all the feels. 

In hindsight, it may have been a little overly optimistic of us to think we can handle a puppy and a baby and a preschooler (duh). We could probably be doing a better job training and socializing her, but so far I think she’s doing fine. Apart from the normal puppy stuff, she is a super sweet and gentle dog.

We also have had a couple puppy play dates with my brother’s dog. Pretty sure anyone could hear Squish’s little brain explode with TWO dogs to play with and boss around!

 (Olive’s fur-cousin)
We’re going to wait until she’s a bit older and then take her to obedience classes. We found a fantastic dog trainer for our old dog, so I’m hoping they’re still taking new dogs!

But I am really enjoying getting puppy kisses and someone to eat dropped food on the floors again.

Have a great weekend!

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