August Whole30. Yup, Another One!

So, another Whole30? Yup. I find the best time for me to do one is to just wake up one morning and realize, “Yup, I can do this.” I just need about 24 hours to mull it over and decide that the motivation is for real, and I’m off to the real food races. I’m going to try and document this one a bit more than I normally do. I feel weird posting and social media-ing my Whole30s because it always feels a bit in-your-face to people that don’t care or really don’t approve of the program. That’s cool, we all have our own opinions and ways of doing things. I won’t mock your juice cleanse, I promise. Plus, if someone doesn’t like it there is always that cute little “unfollow” button, right?

Like the last two successful Whole30s I managed to complete, this one was a spark of realizing “You know what would make me sleep better and have more energy? A Whole30,” followed by some deep introspection to determine that I wanted to want the work, not just the results. That’s key in my book. Once I am convinced that I am for real on committing to a Whole30, I dig my feet in and fall into compliance easily and cheerfully. Well, except for National S’Mores Day. There is no way to replicate a Whole30 compliant s’mores without falling into major SWYPO (“Sex With Your Pants On” – a cute phrase describing the “paleo-fying” of junk food with technically compliant ingredients) territory. So I mourn my temporary s’mores loss and move on.

So what am I eating? I haven’t really tracked it, so here’s a sampling based on the last 5 days or so.

Breakfast: random veggie frittata, or last night’s leftovers, such as ground beef, random veggies, and pasta sauce over spaghetti squash from dinner two nights ago, plus an avocado.


Lunch: kitchen sink salad of leftover rotisserie chicken, hardboiled eggs, beets, and sunflower seeds over baby spinach topped with evoo and balsamic vinegar


Snack: mini-meal of a chicken apple sausage link, avocado, and a coconut water

Dinner: homemade roasted chicken, steamed broccoli with lime juice and evoo, leftover spaghetti squash

I am on Day 5 today and am happy to report that I started feeling my “tiger blood” back by Day 3! So stoked that I didn’t have to trudge through two weeks of waiting for my body to stabilize to its new fuel sources to feel the fantastic power that this eating brings to my health. I’m already sleeping better, feeling properly tired in the evening, waking up (somewhat) refreshed in the morning (*ahem* small children), and haven’t noticed the 3:00 afternoon slump as much. Quality sleep was the #1 reason I wanted to do another Whole30, I just wasn’t sleeping as well as I knew I could and I was feeling it.

Also, while last time I focused on making it as easy as possible to throw meals together, this time I’m working on trying to find that balance between efficiency in meal prepping and keeping things interesting and delicious. I cannot weekly meal prep. I just can’t. I’ve tried, I’ve done it, and I hate it. I prep food I end up not wanting to eat, make way too much and it all goes to waste, feel like I spent forever getting food together that only lasts like two meals, or my husband eats it all before I even get a chance to taste my hard work. So I try to (mentally) plan one or two days out, maybe make a trip to the grocery store on my way home from work, and try to cook for two meals when I do cook so I have enough for tomorrow’s lunch or breakfast or whatever. It’s working out pretty well.

How do you get motivated for a big change? Do you have to wait until inspiration strikes, or can you get yourself committed and just get it done when you want to start?

Make it a great day!

2 thoughts on “August Whole30. Yup, Another One!

  1. Nice! Congrats on getting that tiger blood back right away. I’m planning a Whole30 for late October. I really can’t commit before then (camping, weddings, Italy!) but I know I’ll need a nice little detox after all the craziness.

  2. Awesome! Gotta love that tiger blood kicking in so quickly! I’m just aiming for, ‘Jess will sit at the table to eat and she will eat regular meals instead of snacking all day long.’ Here’s hoping that sticks 🙂

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