August Whole30: Day 10, and Non-Scale Victories So Far

Good morning, Blog World. I am up at the break of dawn Sunday morning purely on my own volition to talk about my second non-scale victory*. Here it goes:

I woke up before my kids.

Can you believe it? I cannot. I woke up naturally, no alarm, with the sun, refreshed, before the kids woke up. Normally I sleep in as long as I can until my son comes in and figuratively peels my eyelids back with some random request that requires my assistance. Usually, “I want milk” but it could also be “I want to watch Daniel Tiger” or simply, “Mommy, wake up. The sun is up now.”

So with this unaccustomed me-time I decided to make a cup of coffee, enjoy the hazy morning sun (yay, smoke!) for a few minutes on the porch, play with Olive for a bit, then get some blog work done. Hi, blog!

My other non-scale victory was brought to my attention yesterday. I was grabbing coffee with a friend who I’ve been talking with about my recent Whole30s, and she commented, “You know, you’re a different person when you’re doing this. Like, way happier and more approachable.” It’s weird, I feel  like a different person. I don’t get hung up on the little things that used to send me to my room with a fake headache, just not wanting to deal with it all anymore. Then Hulk also made the same observation that my mood is more stable when I’m eating Whole30. I am really interested to see through the reintroduction protocol which foods are affecting my mood and energy. I’m looking at you two, gluten and alcohol.

I am just squeeing with excitement. I did not expect to start feeling this good this soon. And with how good I feel, I don’t even want to fall off the wagon. So not an option. Sure, I get some sugar cravings, and if Hulk is cooking dinner I have to check in with what he’s making so I know I can eat it (and it’s a good thing I do – he picked up burger patties mixed with blue cheese yesterday for lunch), but it is so easy and feels so good to finally get my diet in a place where it’s healthy and I’m happy eating it.

Now Squish is up and reading this over my shoulder. He says to add, “I like coffee.”


And now since they’re up, I am out of blogging time. But this was fun, huh?

Go make it a great day!

happy sun

Edit: I just noticed that my posts aren’t posting to my Facebook page! I think I’ve fixed the problem, so hopefully future posts will work as expected. Sorry if you’ve come to my site and are surprised to see content not found on Facebook, it wasn’t intentional. #hobbyblogproblems

*Non-scale victory definition for any non-Whole30 folks: a positive change indicating health improvement that doesn’t have anything to do with weight loss. Since the Whole30 program is not really a weight loss program (one of the rules is even “you may not weigh yourself” and they encourage you to throw out your scale for good!) it suggests that you observe positive changes such as pants fitting looser, losing that afternoon energy slump, etc.

One thought on “August Whole30: Day 10, and Non-Scale Victories So Far

  1. Up before the kids?? That’s a huge no-scale victory! And balanced moods…that’s probably the biggest win I’m guessing. Alcohol and gluten are definitely my mood changers…I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in 6 weeks and gosh I feel so good. I don’t have gluten anymore since I know it doesn’t make me feel good. Loved reading this, so much good stuff 🙂

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